Malcolm X

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I Attention Getter (Opening Statement)

Are we justified to refer Malcolm X as one of America’s most influential leaders in history? What stood out for Malcolm X?

II Thesis Statement

Malcolm little, who later changed his name to Malcolm x grew to become a leader of a Black Nationalist group and a very influential figure in America. Many past and present leaders do not have the qualities that stood out for Malcolm X when he was a Muslim leader and a leader who advocated for black power and supremacy.

 III Preview of Main Points

Malcolm X grew to be a very powerful public speaker due to various factors among them, was the fact that he dared to voice his frightening observations concerning race challenges in the United States. Malcolm X got considered to be a hero who was unafraid to speak the truth and also willing to stand up and fight for black equality and power. Therefore, he grew to be feared and even hated among the black and white groups, and at one time called the most dangerous man in America (Gormley, Beatrice, 1-21). His passion and firm voice challenged the entire world to listen and learn the truth as he experienced it. His confidence as a public speaker enabled him to serve successfully as a minister as well as a national spokesperson of the Nation of Islam during the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was also a very passionate and naturally gifted and inspirational orator.  Malcolm X exhorted the black community to cast off the shackles of racism using any means necessary, and that include violence (Gibney, Mark, 657-659; Malcolm, X., and George Breitman, 1- 113). Malcolm X learned to be strong when he was confronted with intolerance and different tragedies.

Malcolm x who became orphaned at a very early age after the killing of his father when he was still young and also the detaining of his mother grew to be a very influential Muslim leader. Malcolm X joined the Nation of Islam while in prison where he was jailed for burglary charges. It is in this organization that his leadership qualities and personal influence grew. He served in the organization as the foremost spokesperson in which he commanded huge crowds and gained many followers. Majorly because of his efforts and influence, the Nation of Islam group grew from 400 members in 1952 when Malcolm X was released from prison to 40, 000 members by 1960. The Nation of Muslim group promoted black supremacy, called for the separation of black and white Americans and also rejected the civil rights movement for its emphasis on integration (Singleton, Harry, 1-10). After his exit from the Nation of Muslim, Malcolm X founded the Afro-American unity whose mission was to reach African Americans across America with an inspiring message of pride, self-determination, and power.

Malcolm was a devoted, honest and truthful leader. In an incident in 1957, when Johnson Hinton got beaten by the New York police, Malcolm X demonstrated the power and discipline of the organization by standing up for him. Malcolm X also strongly followed the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, who influenced him into joining the Nation of Muslim. He, therefore, was extremely disappointed when he discovered that Muhammad was a cheat and did not follow the teachings, hence leading to his exit in the group.


The story of Malcolm x is not only inspiring but tells of a courageous and iconic leader in our lifetime. The selfless, determined and confident Malcolm X attracted admiration and criticism from both the blacks and whites. The achievements of Malcolm X will live to be remembered for many years to come.


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