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  1. The attributes include the vision as well as the determination that Hitler exhibited. Most people believe a charismatic individual has to be a social person, but it is apparent that Hitler was unable to develop intimate relationships. The fact that he had a clear vision as well as missions on a certain subject along with the determination to convince the world of the mission made him a charismatic leader. The unwavering conviction in the face of defeat makes him a charismatic leader in that the loss he suffered only served to strengthen his conviction and that he shared his ideas with elevated vulgar with all who crossed his path. Confidence is additionally an attribute that makes Hitler a charismatic leader in that even after defeat; he still had the courage and confidence to move forward. The confidence and the vision and determination that he exhibited were the most integral components that made Hitler succeed in attaining the success as a national leader.
  2. In maintaining control over his Nazi subordinates, Hitler made himself believable to all those around him. He additionally said whatever the subordinates wanted to hear to ensure that they followed him and also developed at atmosphere whereby everyone desired to follow the Nazis ad and just the Nazis as they always knew what was right. The use of terror was additionally a strategy he employed in dealing with the subordinates as he gave the police absolute control to arrest anyone who differed with his ideology.
  3. Hitler’s hatred of the Jews stemmed from his belief that they were responsible for the defeat that German suffered the First World War. Even though the assertion was idiotic, it was enough to reinforce the hatred that Hitler exhibited for the Jews. The fact that he grew up in Vienna where hatred for the Jews was a custom could additionally have been the source of his hatred.
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