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Class Summary

Provide a summary of key learnings from the class …..  (two paragraphs max). Also mention the instructor. 

Note that this template is ONLY a suggestion and is NOT required. The format should be 1.5 line spacing, 1.5” on left margin and 1” elsewhere. All text except the title and header should be Times New Roman (or Cambria if you use Word 2010) 12 point regular font. Indent the first line of the paragraph. All paragraphs and sections should have no extra line spacing and the first line should be indented one half inch (use the styles option in this template!). Please change the header in the paper to your information (header should appear only on the first page)The title should be 14 point and the header should be 8 point. (do NOT include this paragraph in the paper!)

Definition of Leadership

The first paragraph should contain a summary of the basic idea of leadership.

Do NOT have a one page paragraph! Explain the main points of leadership as presented in the class. Your goal here is to communicate what leadership is about.

This is where you might discuss the difference between a leader and a manager (make sure your effort is not just project management).

Personal Skills/Weaknesses

This section should be 2-4 paragraphs and discuss the range of your personal strengths and weaknesses and provide personal commentary on these. Ideally, this section would have some kind of objective measures of your strengths and weaknesses.

Description of Leadership Experience

Introduce the organization in this section. (a page max). Description of organization, time and activity; along with the change impacted or the results should also be included.

Leadership Activity/Skills/Knowledge Used

This should be a page in length (or more). This is the bulk of your report. Specific/explicit discussion class/formal instruction with ties to leadership activities.


Summarize in this section. Again, this should be half a page in length.


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