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Mcconnon, A (2016, June 7). How manufacturers are recruiting Millennial. The Wall Street Journal


The article is about how companies are using video and virtual reality in showing the tech-focused generation the opportunities involving robotics and 3-D printing. In the article, it provides an illustration of how thousands of companies are rebranding manufacturing as a high-tech industry that is full of opportunities. The author tends to describe how manufacturers can train the millennials so as to join the job industry. Manufacturers are recruiting to attract skilled labor to the growing number of positions and also to replenish the workforce where a large number of baby boomers are retiring.


The article is of great relevance. In the text, it discusses that leaders need to be able to know how to motivate employees. In this article, the most sought out careers by Millennial are in the technology industry. Therefore, so as to recruit millennials to join the manufacturing industry, companies are using mobile devices, virtual reality, and video. In chapter 11, it states that effective leaders usually establish parameters and also prepare their teams for idea generation through pointing them in a particular direction. A leader needs to be creative and needs to engage regularly in approaches to developing creative ideas. As evident in the article, it is important that leaders should explain what they are providing to a potential employee and also what to expect in return. Leaders need to think creatively about the reward strategies and what motivates millennials. As a leader in the organization, it is important to position yourself in a way that will help attract millennials. As evident in the article, companies tend to be using cutting edge tools including virtual reality as a way of attracting young talent and also dispelling the idea that manufacturing is outdated. With the use of the creative and innovative idea that companies are demonstrating, they can attract young people to consider manufacturing jobs.


The information presented in the article is of great significance as it demonstrates how companies can be creative in attracting the young people to different industries. Shortly, millennials will make a majority of the workforce; hence, it is important that employers should consider making changes so as to be able to attract the millennials. In writing the article, the author ensured that he made use of statistics so as to support the information presented. The article tends to demonstrate excellent leadership activities. The author provides a discussion on how to retain talent, attract millennials, and programs to support young employees. The student feels that the information presented in the article can greatly help companies that are considering hiring millennial and do not know how to deal with this new generation of workers.  The article indicates the various factors that leaders should consider so as to ensure that the young people are productive in the organization. This student believes that the article contains a lot of information that can help leaders as they are adjusting to working with the new generation of workers.

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