Latino in America: Chasing the Dream

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The video is an assessment of the extensive look into the Latino experience as they live in America. According to the video, the US has 51 million Latinos, which is the largest population of Latinos that can be found outside of Mexico. The video conducts an effective look into the diverse subjects ranging from the issues of assimilation to those of language barriers and chasing the American dream, which tends to delve into the issue of illegal assimilation. The video conducts individuals’ interviews with the Latinos in America, assessing their views and situation as related to their living in America. The assessment of their Latino heritage and the consequent assimilation by their host nations tends to be one of the most evident issues in the video with most of the sampled Latino kids having lost interest in their heritage. The situation as described is that of a situation whereby most of the teenager are caught between the worlds, one where they want to be independent and other on the requirement that they identify themselves with the culture of their parents.

The assessment of the difficulties that people from a different ethnicity face when they try to document their culture, struggles, traditions and success into that of another host society exhibiting different attributes is evident in the video. The video goes on to implement an assessment of the challenges that the Latinos face as they try to integrate fully into the American society, with the overall assertion being that it is difficult to get assimilation so long as you are different. The selection of the article was mainly for the reason that the case of the Latinos, a group that has a different way of living to the American population offers an excellent assessment of the ethnicity issue.


The assessment of the challenges that the Latinos are facing as they try to settle in American because they are considered different offers an excellent introduction to ethnic studies. The fact that ethnic studies encompass the examination of the different issues as culture, beliefs, power and how these attributes are applied in making it hard for the Latino community offers a good assessment of the ethnicity topic. The video clearly brings out the Latinos ways of living and beliefs system through the interviews and the additional difference that exists in comparison to the general American society. The assessment of the dissimilarities helps in understanding why most of the Latinos are changing their culture and belief systems, assimilating them to those of Americans as they try to fit in. The assessment of the issue of power and the management of the illegal immigration of the Latinos additionally assists in the assessment of how ethnicity is applied as a means of power control.

Through the watching of the video, I have had an opportunity to assess the issue of ethnicity and how it can be applied to exert power on another group that belongs to a different ethnicity. It has additionally made it clear that the issue of assimilation is a significant attribute that the minority group is compelled to undertake as they settle in the host society, with their traditions and cultural beliefs being watered down by those of the host society. The classical example is that of the suicide among the young Latinos as they have difficulty in choosing between their parents or American ways of life.

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