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  1. What do you consider when using the Internet to search for jobs?

Asking this question will help determine the factors that the student considers to be essential when one is looking for a job. The answer that the student will provide will help determine the issue the student thinks to be important when seeking for a job.

  1. What tools do you use to search for jobs on the internet?

In asking this question, it will help know the tools that the student normally uses when they are searching for jobs online. When the student identifies the tool, I will be able to search the tool and see the different options that the tool offers during a job search.

  1. Do you consider particular industry during your online job search?

The significance of asking this question will help know whether the student prefers jobs in a certain industry, or they just look for jobs in any industry. The question aids in knowing the field of interest for the student.

  1. Does the job description impact your decision on whether to apply for the job?

Asking about the job description is important as it will help me determine if the student is willing to perform all the duties that are listed in the description.

  1. Does the salary have an impact on whether you apply for the job?

With this question, it is possible to know what the student expects from the job that he is applying. The question is important as it helps to understand the view of the student regarding money that they will receive for a certain job.

  1. During the job search, do you research the company you want to apply?

The significance of this question is that it sheds light on what kind of organization the student want to work in and why.

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