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The treatment we have been receiving from the population from the time we emigrated from France has been varied. In the initial days, we were welcomed as the common impression was that we had come to look for better livelihoods in the host nation. As time passed, however, more immigrants continued streaming in, and the host’s attitudes towards us changed as we now were competing for the available job opportunities. The overall attribute, however, is that we have never been treated as equals by the older generations that have been living in the region (Beaglehole, 2015). The most common attitude we have been receiving is that of apprehension and dislike by the earlier generations. We have always been treated as a lesser population, with the common assertion being that we are subjects to these earlier generations. The most common attitudes have been those related to discrimination and prejudice from the hosts.

I this the attitudes that the host society exhibited in those early days was as a result of the fear they had, that the immigrants had come to take away the few job opportunities they had access to and the increase in the number of immigrants did not help the situation. The media also has a huge role in promoting the negative attitudes towards us as any cases where there were confrontations between an immigrant, and the host was always painted in a manner that made the immigrant appear as the villain even in the cases where they were victims. I am under constant pressure pledge allegiance to a political machine that promises to advocate for my rights as an immigrant. The fact that we are the minority in the host society implies that we have lesser representation in the political arena, an attribute that hinders the protection of our rights (Beaglehole, 2015). Thus, the availability of a political machine that promises to protect our rights leads to a case whereby we pledge our allegiance to the body with the hope that they will improve our plight.

I would participate in a strike if I had the impression that it was going to raise the awareness of our plight as immigrants to the leadership of the country. In the cases where these is an outright infringement on my rights as the refugee, I would readily take part in a strike. There are numerous leisure opportunities that are accessible in the society, but most are greatly divided along class and race grounds. The most evident activities are those of games as golf, camping, visiting the museums, auto racing as well as attending the opera, and classical music was a reserve of the elite and host society. The immigrant society, on the other hand, had access to the communal basketball grounds, community theaters as well as watching TV.

The American dream asserts that America should be a place where life needs to be richer and better as well as fuller for everyone living in America.  There additionally should be opportunities for everyone residing in the country in accordance with their ability or achievement. The dream is a premise that supports the promotion of social order whereby even man or woman will have the ability to achieve the fullest stature of which they are innately capable (Clark, 2008). The others additionally recognize the society members regarding what they are, irrespective of the fortuitous circumstances of their birth or position.

For various reasons, the American dream did not stand as coined for the immigrants who came to the US following the civil war. One of the main attributes that made it impossible for these immigrants to enjoy the American dream was that they came at the time when there was an increase in the number of corrupt political forces. These political machines exploited the arriving immigrants to corrupt as well as dominate the political processes in most of the American growing cities. The labor unions were also afraid and opposed the increase in the number of immigrants, with their main fear being about the competition for jobs as well as the lowering of the wages since the new arrivals were willing to work for a lesser pay. The language, religions, customs as well as traditions that clashed with those of the prevailing in the US at the time were dependent on the culture that the immigrants brought to America by the older clusters (Clark, 2008).  The social conflict that was present with the indigenous population led to an increase in discrimination against groups as the Irish, further hindering them from enjoying the American dream.

The American dream is greatly skewed towards economic prosperity, and thus, the most applicable leisure opportunities under the dream would include business trips whereby individuals go for trips, but stills have to undertake business operations at the same time. Business retreats are additional examples of the classical leisure opportunities that fall under the American dream as man has been made to become a slave in the modern society. The anti-immigration sentiment had an adverse impact on the attainment of the American dream. The American dream promised prosperity and equality of all in the enjoyment of the available opportunities in America irrespective of their place of birth (Clark, 2008). The anti-immigrant sentiments thus hampered the ability of the immigrants to enjoy the dream as a result of the discrimination, exploitation, and limitation in the number of opportunities they could access.



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