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People continue to look for one stop shop to suit their clientele needs. Whether furniture, clothing or other products desired by clients irrespective of location, JC Penney ensures that clients were looking for comfort as well as belonging get it at their comfort. Since JC Penney operates a variety of supply chains; it continues to flourish in the United States and beyond. New members or non-members of the organization are unaware that the YMCA serves as a charity and not just a gym.

Products for adults, seniors, office as well as home are sold. The supply chain is strong, customer service robust to meet the needs of customers. The Texas-based company as a chief customer as well as a marketing officer in April of 2015, Mary Beth West continued to research JC Penney’s main customer, whom the retailer sees a modern American mom who is looking for deals with little time to waste. Many of the brand’s shoppers remain women who juggle being the main breadwinner of their family with raising children. This situation puts the company in a position to tailor its products to meet the needs of the most specific clients despite serving a diverse base of clients.


The public’s relationship with JC Penney remains robust. JC Penney defines value to her clients as extended beyond price, quality, and style — it’s also about time and effort.  One doesn’t have the luxury of going to a store and walking out empty-handed. One of the JC Penney’s main goals is to serve the community as a whole, which obliges that they play a critical role in the business world.  JC Penney does this through many store chains across the United States and Puerto Rico serving diverse classes.

The organization has secular, on human diversities.  Respecting customer diversities allows JC Penney to welcome clients of different backgrounds.  JC Penney also takes part in some roles like paying back to the community.  These initiatives through corporate social responsibility attract loyalty and community development.JC Penney continues to enjoy a healthy reputation and good will from the public from the fact that its activities continue to go beyond the needs of their customers. This public image has made JC Penney to expand across the United States.


Just like any business competing in the market, JC Penney retail store faces an obligation to connect with client’s community through proper marketing strategies.  Good public relation, online marketing as well as other marketing strategies are commonly used. The JC Penney also uses newspaper advertisements, specifically in marketing its brands.  It also uses paid promotion in print publications with billboards continue strategically situated for a marketing campaign.


JC Penney retail need to target customers of all ages with income of diverse ranges.  It is also supposed to target apparel as well as home furnishings customers on the Internet should. JCPenney operates 1,021 department stores serving the entire United States as well as Puerto Rico.JC Penney provides the largest department store, catalog as well as e-commerce retailers with approximately 151,000 employee associates

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JC Penney refers to the Internet business as Direct. It focuses on meeting the needs of the clients to ensure business growth. Similarly, it engages in corporate social responsibility like conserving the environment and going beyond the customer satisfaction.  It, therefore, impresses economic development not only for the associates but to the entire United States and Puerto Rico.

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