Iteration 2

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The internship is about gaining programming skills before undertaking the actual project. Therefore, I will be needed to approach the training with both physical and mental strengths. I understand this is the only way I will gain the confidence I need to complete the internship without experiencing many problems as has been the case with many internship programs. Regardless of the organization and the type of internship undertaken, the experience drains the intern physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is advisable that the intern does not have to wait until the first day of the project development to start the development immediately without knowing what is expected.

This training will be carried out at the company by the project development team. Therefore, the project development team will carry the training with the aim of ensuring that I and the rest of the members of the project development team approach the project with basic software development lifecycle (SDLC) Knowledge, fresh, and in our best mental and physical shape possible. This training will deal with simulation of the demands of the project development which I will go through during the internship at the company. However, the main focus of the training before actual project development will be getting our bodies and mind acclimated to the project development and internship in general (Baldwin, Wilkinson, & Barkley, 2000).

Besides the project development team at the company, we will also be trained by a team of experts in project development. Being my first time at the company under the internship program, I am expected to have an opinion. However, the experts and the senior members of the project development team will always be right, and I will, therefore, be expected to follow their instructions. The training will also impart us with the knowledge of all the phases of SDLC and runtime required in the project development. Therefore, aiming for the minimum standards will not be the way to achieve success in the training.     I will prepare with writing materials thus gaining as much as possible from the training and anything else that will be discussed by the experts and members of the project development team. Additionally, I will ensure that I am at the company before the training starts. Another way to which I am going to ensure thorough preparation is by asking questions and ensuring that I have gained as much knowledge as possible from the training. I will engage everyone in the project development team thus ensuring that I have as much knowledge about project development and internship as possible.


The main purpose of the training was ensuring that I was prepared both mind and body for what was lying ahead of us. Therefore, I had to make the most use of the moment and ensure that I have gained as much as possible from this training. According to the plans, I had to read books about how to prepare for project development training and internship in general in a busy company. Therefore, I borrowed advice from the experts on how to approach basic training and internship in the project development. I also went through an online MVA software training course. I learned and had overviews of the concepts I was expected to understand comprehensively before undertaking the actual internship on the project development at the company. I learned extensively and comprehensively about the fundamentals of software development using various programming languages such as.NET platform, C, C++, and Java programming language (Moore, 2003).

I recorded all that I had learned on my own about training before proceeding to the company for the actual training. The training was going to take three days, and I was expected to be at the company throughout the three day period. On the day the training was going to start, I arrived at the company as early as possible so as to ensure I was going to be there from the start to the finish. I also ensure that I had all the writing materials for the purpose of recording everything I was going to learn from the project development team and the experts. I did not wait for long before the training started with the introduction of the team members (Harper, 1992).

Among the things we were trained on the first day were the steps of the SDLC and what entails each of the steps. Project team manager did this. However, he did not dwell so much on the steps. He asked us to go and find more information on the steps. He covered the seven-step SDLC model, four-step SDLC model, and the twelve-step SDLC model. He highlighted the merits and demerits of each model before deciding that the seven-step SDLC model suited the project we were going to undertake.

On the second day, we covered the company’s code of conduct involved in the project development and how we were supposed to behave during the whole project development process. Additionally, we were also shown different such projects which had been developed before and what the company expected that we develop. We went through each component of the sample project developed using Java and another one developed using.NET as the main platform. We also went through one developed using C and C++ thus ensuring that we gain basic skills involved in the project development.     During all this time, I was recording everything we were being taught and trained on. Having completed most of the things on the first two days, we were now ready to proceed to the third day where the experts took over the training. They concentrated their energy on how to behave professionally during the project development and generally during the internship. At the end of the day, we closed the training, and we were ready for the actual development and the internship (Wikeley, 1990).


The question before the training was how I needed to gain as much as possible from the training. However, according to my observations, there were several resources that came to help me with ensuring that the training was a learning experience. The three days at the company were a one-stop shop for comprehensive information on project development training and internship in general and the requirements during the time of the project development. According to what I observed, the company was very serious in the training and could not take any chances in the way it was conducted. Therefore, this could tell the reasons for the need to have it take three days.

I also observed the experience of the project development team. They did it with zeal and were enjoying every bit of it. I also assumed that they were enjoying everything, and I would not have minded learning everything from them and how they were able to train us on the internship and project development with ease while it looked a complicated process to me. The project development team was good at how they trained us to approach the project development and the internship in general. I assume it would have been difficult for us to approach the development project without this kind of training.

The company used a lot of resources to ensure the training was successful and that we got as much as possible from it. Therefore, this is also a confirmation that it was one of the most important phases of the project development and internship. According to what I observed, this training cemented the idea that it was a process and not a program. It is assumable that this is the main reason why it took three days and not one day as an orientation to the company had taken previously. It was also a time of enjoying oneself before actual development and internship started.


Before we embarked on the training, I had no idea what we were going to do. I did not know what the training was all about until I immersed myself totally that I found out why it was necessary to undergo training. The training provided a learning opportunity for me, and everyone is undertaking the project and the internship at the company for the first time. I do not think I would have been able to undertake the project without this training.

I have a lot to thank the company for. Although the real development of the project had not started, I felt that I was already in the moods to continue and give my best. However, this feeling was brought about by the way in which the training was carried out. Training was successful in every bit. Additionally, my success in the training and the iteration, in general, can be attributed to the preparation I took before the actual training. I went through many materials such as books and searching the Internet for any information related to training.

Although I did my research before the training, I still needed the help of the project development team and the experts. I have a feeling that it would have been hard for me to understand it on my own without the help of a person who had been there before. Everything which I did before the training was helpful. Although there were many others I would have prepared for the training; I have a feeling that what I did was the best I could have prepared to gain as much knowledge as possible.

I can confidently say that everything went according to the plans and how I would have wanted it to go. However, there were some of the things that I have a feeling that they were not done in the best way possible. The company would have let the trainees interact with the experts for a longer time than the time they allocated.  We would have learned more and acquire better knowledge than we did. Additionally, they would have extended the training with a day to cater for those who had questions and wanted some things to be clarified to them. Although there are some things which were not done in the best way possible, we still learn and acquired some of the best system development and internship knowledge from the training.


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