Iteration 1: Orientation

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As an attaché at Wizard tech solutions as an Oracle DBA, I had to develop a concrete plan for implementing the project prior having an earlier and good understanding of the company. Alongside that, I had to create a good and attractive environment for my undertaking of activities. The orientation phase defines the introduction to the company staff, operational procedures, as well as the tools and techniques that are used in undertaking the databases administration (Richards, n.d). The plan was developed in several segments that took the respective time allocated.

The initial tier of the orientation process was the personal visiting to the company to have the physical location notification before the actual day of reporting. The actions took a single day where I was a normal visor to the Wizard tech solutions organization. Upon reporting to the company, I will have to present the invitation documents that will lead to registration and confirmation within the company. The registration will take a period of several hours before following the intended actions of getting introduced to the Wizard tech solutions entire fraternity (Melton, 2008).

The subsequent segment will involve the holding of several meetings. The initial meeting will be held by the operational department representative and the human resource department personnel clearly to outline the structure of the Wizard tech solutions. Other following meetings will be the interactions with the respective managers of the departments of information technology and other selected departments. After the meetings, I will move around the Wizard tech solutions from one department to another as means of familiarizing myself with the company staffs. The other subsequent action will be the introduction to the tools and applications that are applied by the Wizard tech solutions IT department data management section.


The orientation process is defined with the objective of ensuring that I am well informed and familiarized with the Wizard tech solutions operations, staff, physical location and other necessary information (DeCapua, 2007). I began with organizing an early vision to the company. I send a request for visiting the Wizard tech solutions which were granted, and I got myself at the location of the company. Upon arrival, I was informed of some few things that relate to the company. I was taken around to take note of the physical structuring of the Wizard tech solutions.

I prepared for the actual reporting to the company which happened a few days later. The reporting day was etherizing with the fact of the warm welcoming I was given at eh reception. I moved to the human resource section where I was confirmed of honoring the chance of working at the Wizard tech solutions. My details were filed and immediately taken to the operational department that played the role of taking me to the IT department. After the full presentation to the respective sections, I was assigned a supervisor who got be a template for developing an internship plan. I was given the duration of three days (Lawson, 2016).

The supervisor and I arranged for three meetings that had different significant agendas. The initial meeting was the interactions with the operational department and the human resource department where they opted to inform me about the company operational procedures, company vision, mission, and objectives. Subsequently, they had to define the employee conduct within the firm. The second meeting was held after two days with the information technology department which was the core of my interest. The objective defined for the meeting was to have me informed of the IT operational principles, procedures and ethics observed.

The last meeting was general with the entire fraternity of the company that was intended at introducing the new personnel within the organization since I was not the only recruited personnel. The orientation process was finalized through the moving from one office to the other and getting introduced to the applied techniques and tools (Denhardt, Denhardt & Blanc, 2014).


The visit to the company was very motivating as it provided a good way of learning some other small things that are assumed in most cases. The visit provided a good way for me to appreciate the good strategic location of the departments within the organization. The buildings were built based on the examination of the land terrain such that the computing devices were stored at the highest point of the physical land. This acted as a preventive mechanism against the common calamities such as floods. Also, the direction of all places is provided with the installation of the digital signboards that gave the directions.

The Wizard tech solutions welcome was warm, and I say it reflected on how valuable the company takes its visitors. I was taken as a king; this inserted a sense of mind of working with all my heart and efforts to get the Wizard tech solutions meet its long-term goals. During the meetings, it was taken as if there was a quite special function as every action was digitized in a manner that I felt challenged in all cases. The meetings provided a good understanding of what I was supposed to undertake (Belcher, n.d). The request to meeting the absent senior personal was welcomed, and they promised to meet me as many times as I could to equip me with the leadership and governance skills and ideas.



The idea of conducting a visit to the company before the actual data provided the humble time of understanding the Wizard tech solutions. I was able to have an early understanding of the physical layout of the organization and thus easily get the direction to any location. The action also reduced the anxiety that always inhibit the faster undertaking of operations (Beam & MacFadden, 2001). The intention was to create a motive to the supervisor that I am a faster learner which did motivated him as I stood to identify places within the company much easily.

As a matter of understanding what I was to undertake, I began with the holding several meetings which provided a good way of knowing what is supposed to be done and in which way. Therefore, appropriate procedures and principles informed got me with a good understanding of how I was to conduct myself in the follow up activities of implementing the project. The meetings were successful as the objectives were all accomplished. However, it was my wish to meet the senior and more experienced personnel who were not available by then. Though I managed to conduct some of them, and they promised to meet with me in the progress of my project. The movement around the Wizard tech solutions was accomplished easily by the fact that I an understanding of the physical location of the firm (Chand, 2015).

As a matter of undertaking the duties of the Oracle database administrator, it was necessary and appropriate to have an understanding of the Oracle concepts. This is the aim and goal of the second iteration. It gets one equipped with the required information and knowledge.



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