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My Name is Rahmah Alsaeed. I study at Wichita State University. I am from Saudi Arabia. The time of joining this class for the first time, I was not sure whether I was a good or bad writer. But the course opened my eyes to new things about writing which I did not know before. I believe that my main weakness in writing by learning the fact that I did not know what good writing is all about. I usually thought I was a good writer, but the essays I presented were graded horribly because of my lack of proper writing skills. I, therefore, do not regret joining this course. I have been pleased to understand the quality of good writing by following the proper rules of the English language and its grammar.

My main weakness was the use of punctuations. It is because I am not keen on the use of the punctuation marks but more about placing the many thoughts in my mind on paper. Another challenge is that I have a limited vocabulary, and this makes me leave spaces while writing before coming up with the best word to express myself. Also, I have the challenge of writer’s block whereby I always lack new ideas to add to my writing. Some strengths I have for writing is my good skills in reaching and reading topics I love extensively especially on the latest technologies.

Reading extensively on interesting topics has made me develop the approach of journal entries whereby I keep a diary that makes me jot down something new that I have discovered and read about at the end of the day. I especially hate writing topics which I do not like. I find them boring, and this makes my writing worse than it is. The quote from the textbook that feels true to me is the need to” talk and confront about rather than informing the challenging emotions that writing brings about.” It is a fact because someone can help me address my challenges of writing rather than ignoring them.

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