Interview with a Nursing Quality Expert

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The interview was conducted in St David’s Healthcare located in Central Texas. To support its mission to provide quality care, the hospital has continued todrive improvement.  The Nursing Quality Expert in the organization plays a critical role in efforts to achieve the mission of the organization.

Criteria Fill in the answers in this column.
Indicate 2 scholarly resources or texts used prior to the interview to familiarize yourself with the individual’s organization, role, or any of the questions you plan to ask that will make you a more knowledgeable interviewer. Resource #1:

Hall, L. W., Moore, S. M., & Barnsteiner, J. H. (2008). Quality and nursing: Moving from a concept to a core competency. Urologic Nursing, 28(6), 417.

I used this resource to get a detailed understanding on the concept of quality in healthcare. With the understanding, it was easy to formulate questions and relate the answers to my understanding on quality.

Resource # 2:

Rowley, J. (2012). Conducting research interviews. Management Research Review, 35(3/4), 260-271.

The second resource helped in making sense of the interview. It helped inpreparing for the interview.  The material gave strategies on how to conduct interviews, ask questions and engage with the interviewee.

Demographics: Provide initials, credentials, job title, and length in present position of the registered nurse interviewee. Include the dateand time the interview was conducted. Provide a working phone number for instructor follow-up if needed.  Name: Dave Thomsen

Job title: Nursing Quality Expert

Length in present position: 17 years

Date: 8th June 2016


Phone number: (512) 476-7111

Required Questions


Scope of responsibility: Major responsibilities, direct reports, and operational budget Major responsibilities

Assume project lead roles

-Promotes collaboration with other departments to ensure quality improvement.

-Acts as a Proactive liaison of medical leadership to facilitate engagement of nurses in projects.

-Ensure timely completion of projects

-Manage data collection on quality and development of interventions for quality improvement.

-Investigates complaints and grievances received from different stakeholders in the healthcare organization.

– Alliances with affiliated hospitals and medical centers to put forth quality initiatives, benchmarks and core measures adopted by member hospitals.

Direct reports

– Quality Expert reports directly to the quality manager.

Operational budget

Involved in the formulation of operational budget.

-Develops project plans and aspects of the project including timelines for various tasks



Organizational mission, vision, values, and beliefs Mission

To provide exceptional care to all patients everyday with a spirit of friendliness, spirit of warmth and friendliness.


To be the finest care and service organization in the world.








Operate with a unique business model to allow the organization to provide quality care to patients.

-Understand the importance of giving back to the community.


Strategic planning related to ONE core competency (name the core competency) Quality improvement

Actively seek information on quality initiatives in own care setting and organization

Actively seek information concerning quality improvement from relevant resources and institutions.

-Actively participate in the use ofquality improvement processes to ensure that processes of care are explicit and interdependent.

Use quality improvement tools to assess the performance and identity gaps between best and local practices.

Use core measures and quality indicatorsto evaluate the effect of changes in the delivery of care.

Role of BSN-prepared nurse to support the strategic plan Nurses have a critical role in the success of quality improvement efforts in the healthcare organization.

The staff nurse is at the heart of the system and therefore suited to assess the status of health care services.

They also work towards improving the processes by which services are provided to patients in the health care setting.

-The nurse manager plays a role by structuring the work setting to facilitate the nurse’s efforts to carry outnecessary action for improving care.

– Collect data to facilitate effective monitoring of care processes, their outcomes and quality improvement methods.

_Nurses also play an important role in employing knowledge and strategies to reduce risk of harm through individual performance and system effectiveness.

– Nurses play a role by engaging in quality councils, quality circles or quality improvement forums to promote the coordination of quality improvement efforts.

-Nurses play a role by usingevidence-based practice and integrate best practices with clinical expertise for delivery of optimal healthcare.

– Acquiring knowledge into the use of information and technology by nurses also help in facilitating quality improvement efforts.

-Patient safety is also a critical issue that affects the quality of healthcare. Nurses have a role in ensuring high standards of safety and quality of patient care in healthcare facilities.

-Nurse executivesplay an important role in securing the necessary resources and providing the vision to ensure that quality improvement efforts are successful. They also inspire and empower nursing staff in their efforts to healthcare processes as well as reshaping the environment.

Practice Impact Question


How does completing this interview impact your practice as a BSN-prepared nurse? Give specific examples.  Completing the interview has positively impacted my practice as a BSN-prepared nurse. The engagement with Quality Expert increased my understanding of quality in healthcare. The role and influence of nurses in quality improvement efforts have increased significantly due to initiatives and changes in the broad healthcare system. I understand that as a BSN-prepared nurse, am at the center of patient care. Therefore, I am an essential component in driving quality improvement.

As a BSN-prepared nurse, I am well positioned to serve in the frontline of quality improvement given my position to affect the care that patients receive during a hospital stay.



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