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Industrial-organizational is the study of behavior in organizational and work setting and applications of facts, principles, and methods of psychology to individual and groups in the organizational and work settings. The psychologists normally conduct research on the employee’s behavior and attitude and how to improve them through hiring practices, feedback, management systems, and training programs (Riggio, 2015). Some of the tests conducted include the cognitive ability test that uses questions of the problem in measuring the ability to learn quickly, logic, reading comprehensively and reasoning. The test tends to assess the person’s potential to solve job-related problems through providing information regarding their mental abilities like mathematical or verbal reasoning and the perceptual ability like speeding in recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

Another test is the integrity test which is a test assessing the attitude and the experience related to the person honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, dependability, and pro-social behavior. The test tends to ask questions regarding the previous experience that relates to integrity, ethics, or about interests and preference. The aim of the test is to identify the individuals who are more likely to engage in dishonest, inappropriate, and antisocial behavior in the workplace.  The job knowledge test is a test that normally uses multiple choices or an essay type item in evaluating the technical or the professional expertise and the knowledge necessary for specific professions or jobs. The personality test tends to measure the personality traits in work settings such as optimism, extraversion, conscientiousness, service orientation, agreeableness, emotional stability, and proactivity (Riggio, 2015). It usually measures the traits that relate to behavior at work, satisfaction with different aspects of work, and the interpersonal interaction. It measures if an individual has the potential to be successful in a job where performance needs a great deal of interpersonal interaction.


Riggio, R (2015). Introduction to industrial and organizational psychology. Routledge

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