Human trafficking

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The video is an informative speech regarding human trafficking. The video is posted by a student back on Dec 1, 2009, in what appears to be a classroom. The student does an excellent job in presenting the speech. When starting the speech, the student considers describing a story from the movie Taken that works to grab the attention of the audience. The student tends to use visual aid and transition between her words, which makes it easy to understand the speech.


The speech is good as the student tend to consider several techniques during the presentation. At first, she uses a story that tends to work to explain the topic that she is about to discuss. Listening to the speech she performs very well in her speech delivery as she uses the movie to as to draw the attention of the audience. The speaker also demonstrates that she did prepare well for the speech. Although she appears to be reading some material from somewhere, it does not affect her delivery as she is speaking effortlessly. The speaker tends to use a great tone with her voice, which can capture the attention of the audience. The speaker shows signs that she properly prepared for her speech. The information presented in the computer and what she is saying is similar. As a way of supporting her points, the students ensure the use of statistics. However, one mistake that I noticed in the presentation is that she said 40 million people are kidnapped while the computer indicates 4 million. That is the only bad thing in the presentation, which I believe was just an error in the speech.

The speaker is also organized as there are no movements, and she does not stop during the speech. Thus, it is easy for an audience to pay attention and get the information that the speaker is providing. Since it is a well-organized speech, it makes the audience interested and looks forward to the next information that you will present. Since it is an informative speech, the student prepared the notes in a manner that makes learning very easy. She also does not general information that people may know; however; she presents some interesting facts. The student also uses personal examples during the presentation, which makes the speech interesting and cool.


As the speaker ends the speech, she encourages the audience to inform other people about the issue of human trafficking. The speech presentation was excellent and well presented, and the presenter did an excellent job in informing the audience about human trafficking.


Daniels, C (2009). Good example of an informative speech.

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