Article Review on Human biology/genetics ( variability/adaptation biology)

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article review
double-spaced, typewritten (font: Times New Roman; font size: 12; margins: 1” on all sides) review of their chosen article. The review must be preceded by a cover page and followed by a related citations page. Reviews will be graded based on quality, structure, content, and adherence to the prescribed format (e.g., less than the two-page length requirement will result in a point deduction). write in your own text, and use proper citations. Also, quotes commonly often unnecessary and should not be widely used. The format of each review must include each of the following

– a cover page 

– a statement about the purpose, aim, intent of the article 

– a statement about methodology (how authors intend to address the issue) 

– a summary statement of the results or findings presented in the article 

– a personal summary or commentary advising potential readers about the article 

– Three related citations

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