How does gas mileage depend on the vehicle?

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How does gas mileage depend on the vehicle?

Gas mileage is dependent on various factors including vehicle model, length, and horsepower.  The model of a vehicle determines the number of power sources for propulsion. Vehicle manufacturing companies produce vehicles with a particular fuel economy depending on available technology and innovation, government policies and consumer demands. Every vehicle requires energy to function or operate its engine.  In hybrid vehicles, small combustion is combined with electric motors. Improvement in technology also affects fuel economy. Lighter weight vehicles have a longer gas mileage than heavy weight vehicles. Other improvements such as advances in transmission, the performance of the engine, aerodynamics are examples of technology that have an effect on gas mileage.

Controlling for other variables, vehicles with lighter weight will be more fuel efficient than vehicles with a larger weight.  Similarly, horse power or engine power has a negative relationship with gas mileage.  Higher horsepower requires more gas. An increase in horsepower is accompanied by a negative increase in gas mileage. Thus, larger the engine, the higher the amount of gas used. To extract more power out of the engine, more fuel requires burning resulting in less gas mileage.

The length of the vehicle has an impact on gas mileage. A long vehicle has a more aerodynamic body. Thus, the engine will do more to propel the car. The physics of aerial drag apply here making the engine do more work more and use more gas.On highway driving, speeds are higher, but roads are smoother, which means the engine is continuously working and never at rest. Typically, city driving involves potholes and rough roads, giving a vehicle’s suspension more of a workout. In city driving, a vehicle is constantly stopping and starting. This means that it is likely to use more gas

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