Hefty Hardware Case Study

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Several issues can be well underlined within the Hefty Hardware followed the analysis done. Besides the critical challenges that the organization is facing, there is a list of technical and managerial issues that must get addressed as the essential way of seeking to provide the solution to the issues. According to the understanding, the establishment of the company structure is an issue with the poor allocation of duties t the understaffed firm. Clearly I way take to underline that the following are the most identical issues within the Hefty hardware (McKeen & Smith, 2012);

  • There is the prolonged and greatly infusing issue of poor communication that there are no longer well-developed procedures of passing information;
  • There is no logical and clear definition of the data value within the firm thus reluctance in undertaking some of the necessary tasks;
  • A poor and nonexisting integration between the IT department and business section within the entire Hefty hardware;
  • The inexperience of the steering committee that clearly demands training to get them well equipped to perform according to the expectations;
  • The absence of planning within the Hefty Hardware Company that has been shown clearly with the poor time management of the staff;
  • Supportively, there is no clear code of conduct defined such that there is a lot of politics that has kept some staff disrespecting others;
  • The other essential is the failure of defining goals of the organization so as to have the good operations and smart strategies towards meeting the objectives;
  • The understaffed Hefty Hardware in the area of the top management is an issue with failure of providing quick decisions. This can get connected to the disconnection that exists between the retail sectors and the corporate section as well.

Hefty hardware case

Organizations and firms are aiming at adopting different technologies in undertaking activities. The use of technology is aimed improving the service delivery within the organization and more so impacting on the procedures and operations within the firm. The case at the Hefty Hardware rotates around the exhibition of the business procedure called savvy store program that’s testing, and implementation has been an issue within the company. There is the clear outlining of the crashing points that exist between the IT specialists and the entire organization of the Hefty harder business functioning. The company is underlined with the task of ensuring that the savvy store program is well implemented, but the task is under threat by the point of the difficulties that are being experienced with the essence of trying to introduce the new technology within the company. Primarily, the case outlines the issues being displayed with the adoption of the program, and this provides a good way of studying and developing the applicable program for the company.

The case provides a good way from which the most critical and key issues within the company are outlined. There is poor communication established within the Hefty hardware such that the information and knowledge sharing is under threat. Communication is an essential principle in an activity. Based on the poorly established communication channels, there no principles that are governing the way the company can implement any project since each section has its communication procedures. Secondly, there is the realization of the failure in integrating the business department and the IT department (Lacy, Diamond & Ferrara, 2013). The savvy store program is a business process which requires the IT specialist to get its implementation and use by the business section. In the case, the business unit will ever depend on the support of the IT department regarding services, assets and other relevant support. It can be established that the integration of the two sections will provide a good way of defining the actual goal that the sections will work to achieve. It is then identified that this issue of failure to integrate the business and IT departments draws some other issues that the Hefty organization is facing. Teamwork is an important thing that any company should operate without losing. It provides a way of easily accomplishing objectives and undertaking task are required (Parker, 2013).

Therefore, the poor communication that exists within the company has projected to the failing of integrating the business sections and IT department. This demands for developing of possible mechanisms to ensure that the savvy store program is implemented in the company (Baldoni, 2009).

How effective is the partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the shortcomings of both IT and the business.

The partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware does not exist at all. The collaboration is not effective based on the portrayed shortcomings. The poor communication between the sections clearly shows how they are no longer partners is pushing the Hefty Hardware company forwards. There are dislodged issues that relate to the nonexisting partnership. The staff at the IT section seems to no longer giving into adapting to the affiliations functions taking place. There is the necessity of the IT framework to develop the IT structure that will influence the business performance. The affiliation defines how the current state of the IT does not impact in any way to the meeting of the business goals (CIO, 2014).

It is obvious that identifying an issue within the company in such state is totally hard especially with the improper communication that is being felt between the IT and business departments. The business is not able to implement the functions by the fact that the IT staff are not willing to work in such an environment. Therefore, a good plan should get enacted to ensure the program is well implemented. Teamwork and training are the major focus.

Create a written plan for how IT and the business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully.

The delivery of the Savvy Store program can be well achieved by the good collaboration between the departments is revealed. The initial step includes the creation of teamwork. Therefore, the plan may take the following steps;

  • The communication channel between the departments and the entire company should get revised and ensure that data is shared well within the company.
  • The next step will outline the recruiting of experts and required some staff and the managerial team which is then followed by the thorough training relating the governance, code of conduct and their respective disciplines (Cognizant, 2013).
  • A proper procedure and policies to govern the delivery of the program should get defined which is then followed by the feasibility study that will provide an understanding of the Savvy Store program requirements
  • The procedures are then tested upon the preparation to actual system delivery which is then followed by the actual implementation of the program. Agile methodology is the possible way to go by the fact of its Principe of facilitating intercommunication.



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