Heart failure

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Heart failure is a condition that s is associated with the flow of blood to and from the heart. The condition is at times referred to as the congestive heart failure which normally occurs upon the failure of the heart muscle especially the ventricle muscle from pumping the blood. The condition is brought about by the conditions such as the narrowness of the arteries within the heart particularly the coronary artery which at times is infected with diseases. We can talk about the current common condition of high blood pressure that is acting as the initiating engine to the heart failures. Upon the heart getting subjected to such conditions, it becomes weak and fails to perform the primary functions thus being prone to failures with the failure to pump the blood efficiently.

However, the affected individually should not worry that much such that not all the underlying heart failure related conditions may lead to total congestive heart failure. The condition cannot get reversed some treatments can get provided to improve the provision of the condition signs and symptoms that help the changing of lifestyle to live longer than one could expect. In summary several lifestyle activities such as exercising, taking a balanced diet to reduce the consumption of salt, good general ways of managing stress and losing weight are the highly recommended lifestyle activities. Subsequently, it should get understood that heart failure condition can be prevented by particularly ensuring that the conditions that cause the heart failure conditions are well controlled. It is good that we have a good understanding of the particular causes of this worldly threatening condition of heart failure.

Causes of heart failure

The failure of the heart will occur upon the weakening and damage the heart. Rather than being weakened, heart failure can occur upon the heart being stiff such that the ventricles may become stiff and gets to mismatch the beats of the heart. A muscle of the heart may get damaged and weakened leading to the ventricle to stretch or dilate and thus resulting to the heart failing to be able to pump blood efficiently throughout the body (McDonagh, 2011).

There are diseases that have impacted in causing heart failure alongside some other conditions. The heart attack takes place when the coronary artery gets blocked all over a sudden and thus preventing the flow of blood to the muscles of the heart. In the process, the heart muscle gets damaged thus the heart not functioning accordingly. At times, the damaged heart muscles result in some other complications, and it might get resulted from other conditions apart from the heart attack. The actions include drug abuse and infections. There are at times when conditions get the heart overworked. Such cases include when there is high blood pressure, the presence of the thyroids, valve diseases, diabetes, kidney problems and other heart defects that are experienced at birth. There is the common cause by eh coronary artery disease that gets the arteries infected and reduces the blood flow to the heart muscles (Lilly & Harvard Medical School, 2011).

The causes at a time may not be well understood by the persons, and therefore, each person should be very keen on the changes that happen within their bodies. Thus, getting to know the symptoms and signs of the heart failure matters a lot.

Symptoms of heart failure

Heart failure condition is at times not deterministic such that it may occur suddenly and even leading to abrupt dead. Such condition is an acute heart failure. Also, we have the heart failure that builds slowly known as the chronic heart failure. The condition is associated with the following signs and symptoms (Katz, 2013);

  • Commonly experienced fatigue and weakness
  • Swelling of the ankles, hands leg a condition called edema
  • The experiencing of breath shortness particularly when a person lies down a condition called dyspnea (In Mann & In Felker, 2016)
  • Inability to exercise as there will be less energy to facilitate the process
  • The irregular heart beat not 72 times per minute but less than the normal rate
  • A persistent coughing or wheezing that is accompanied with white/ pink blood-tinged phlegm
  • Swelling of the abdomen a condition referred to as ascites
  • Lack of appetite and experience of nausea regularly
  • Gaining of weight rapidly due to the accumulation of fluids
  • Experiencing chest pain particularly experienced when the heart failure condition is caused by the heart attack
  • Severe experience of shortness of the breath and coughing that is accompanied with pink and foamy mucus
  • Not being alert but dull most of the time. Affect the activeness of a person

Significance of the heart failure

The earlier discussion has provided a good understanding of the heart failure conditions alongside the capture of knowledge that relates to the primary causes as well as signs and symptoms of the condition. The problem is affected a relatively large number currently in both children and adults. In the recent decades the condition as experienced in adults due to old ages but it has become a common condition in children. The condition will provide a good way of understanding how to diagnose the condition and provide treatment. It should get understood that the symptoms ought to match other complications. Therefore, this will provide a good way of diagnosing the heart failure amongst the young and old and develop the best ways of preventing the conditions from its dramatic spread globally (In Acton, 2012).

The five questions relating to heart failure

How can the physical activities be part of my life?

Physical life has been termed as a life that drives away most of diseases and conditions that result in complications within a person’s body. Physical life should get done accordingly without the straining of the body and in a way that gets the body to be active. The physical life will burn out the calories and cholesterol that are associated with heart arteries from blocking.

What are essential things that a person can do to manage the heart failure condition well?

Medication is not the only way to control the heart failure condition. There are some other things that a person must be a common per taken to manage the condition easily.

What are the common specific ways that the daily life will change?

The heart is regarded as the engine of the body. Failure of the engine will get the whole system down. Therefore is good to have an understanding of some other essential daily life acts such as sex being impacted by the condition.

Some medications are causing side effects that are difficult to deal with. Do we have ways of minimizing the side effects? Is there other good medication available?

Medications introduce different substances in the body that change the functioning of the body. The response of the body causes some complications. Therefore, good ways of handling the heart failure condition should get adopted.

How can one make his/her lifestyle healthier?

Lifestyle defines a lot, and a proper management of the style should get enacted to make it supportive and thus promoting health.

Preliminary PICOT question

The preliminary question of the heart failure condition is developed basing on the PICOT format. The PICOT format will provide a good way of understanding the heart diagnosis and treatment in children and adults because the earlier studies had the assumptions that the condition is rare in children. The study is cutting across the condition of heart failure in children and adults but not in general. The heart failure was early rated as affecting a negligible number, but the condition has worsened that more than one-third of the world population is prone to heart failure.  The symptoms and signs alongside the causes of the condition are quite confusing that some causes cannot be associated with children.  The treatment and prevention of the condition in the children and adults are still under experimental, but all in all lifestyle has been rated as the greatest catalyst to the causes of the heart failure condition. Lifestyle is the savior to heart failure (In Mann & In Felker, 2016). The preliminary question is underlined as follow;


The issue is about understanding on the particular diagnosis procedures and heart failure treatment that is good works with children and adults based on the fact that the current measures are not solving the condition. The world is threatened with the increase in the condition. And proper measures of separating Medicare for the children and adults are implemented. Also, some understood signs and causes of the conditions cannot be experienced in young ages.


The defined causes, signs, and symptoms of the heart failure in children does not match at all those defined in adults. It then follows that the treatment of the same condition in children won’t be effective if the procedures of adult get applied in the young ages. Subsequently, the diagnosis is also an issue due to the varying in the causes, signs, and symptoms.


The heart failure was high in the adults due to the understanding of the age difference. Old people were the most prone to the condition. Medical research was done, and there was the definition of the causes, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. It has been identified that lifestyle of people is the primary catalyst to the causes of the heart failure conditions. The condition is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is good to have an understanding of lifestyle impact to heart failure prevention.


The heart failure condition in children is highly dependent on the lifestyle of the parents. The adoption of good lifestyle will prevent heart failure more highly in children than compared to adults who get it hard to adapt to the new lifestyle.

Time Frame

The examination and observation for the response towards the heart failure susceptibility will get developed for the duration of four months.

The PICOT question;

In a way of understanding the ways of preventing the heart failure condition in both children and adults, how does changing of children lifestyle compared to the changing of parents (adults) lifestyle influence the health of the family (Population) and reduce the susceptibility to heart failure conditions over a period of four months (Langara.ca, n.d)?

The possible keywords





Heart arrhythmias






Beta blockers



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