Healthcare marketing techniques

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Marketing involves planning and executing conception, pricing, promotion, and the distribution of goods, services and ideas to create an exchange that will satisfy the individual and organizational objectives. So as to be a successful healthcare organization in the current economy, the organization tends to rely on several aspects so as to stay in competition with other institutions. For the organization to achieve this, one essential aspect is marketing. In this paper, it discusses the kind of marketing used by the healthcare organization, the current healthcare marketing techniques, and trends, how the techniques are affecting consumer trends and the positive or negative impact due to the techniques.

Current health care marketing techniques and trends

The healthcare marketing techniques and trends used include a variety of media such as the mail brochures, Internet, TV, billboards, and also direct contact with the care providers. Today, some health care providers tend to feel obligated to inform their patients about all the available treatment options even when they are costly or less than optimal choices for the specific situations (Hillestad& Berkowitz 2012). There are many healthcare organizations that are targeting the consumers directly with statistics and factual information. Some organizations are direct messaging towards specific needs than indicate understanding.

In a most hospital setting, the main marketing technique used is the promotion of the positive patient experience. Providing a positive patient experience tend to be the most used technique to help gain the confidence and trust of the patient with the healthcare facility and the providers (Berkowitz, 2006). Some organizations have trusted the media and internet in providing the medical information to their current and future patients. The media and the use of internet are considered by many healthcare facilities for marketing because of the easy accessibility for almost all age groups. When looking at most of the hospital websites, they consist of the services offered, history, how they benefit the community, quality outcome, and recognitions. Therefore, with the hospital’s website, it acts as a marketing technique that provides information regarding quality assurance and patient safety (Pleis et al. 2009).

The social media is also another technique used in marketing. Social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can help in creating a relationship between the patient and the health provider. Through social media sites, the healthcare professionals can provide consumer feedback and also establish trust with patients.

Effect on consumer trends

The current marketing technique is very effective in affecting the consumer trends. It helps in gaining new patients. The techniques used by hospitals are mostly patient-centered which usually use the power of emotion (Hillestad& Berkowitz 2012). When the website work to educate the patient, it also takes a more personal level through offering information on where the patient is in the disease progression and determining the attitude of the patient towards his illness. Some websites usually allow the patient to communicate with the physician online and as a result, it has brought in more patients to the physician and business to the hospital. The technology advancement has been a major trend that has greatly helped the healthcare facilities in marketing (Berkowitz, 2006). Today, people want access to information fast, and they need to be updated regarding the current trends. When accessing the online physician/patient website, a patient can easily access news in the healthcare field, their doctor, and their health care community. As the marketing techniques are changing, so are the consumer trends.

Positive or negative effect of techniques and trends

The marketing techniques tend to have a positive and negative effect. In this case, the positive effect is that they are reaching many people, and hospitals are gaining a broader consumer based. When using social media, even when people may not feel interested, they may end up exploring into what the hospital is communicating. Another positive effect of the techniques used is that it is educating and providing awareness (MOSS ROGERS, 2014). Through the use of the internet and media, people get educated on different issues whereby the information may be useful in helping them. Awareness comes in the form where the drug company may market new drugs on social media; it tends to bring awareness to people.

The negative impact associated with the techniques is that it is likely for people to have access to non-credible information from people who are not experts. With the techniques, it may be possible for patients to take advice from the wrong people, which is not correct. Successful marketing means more business, and when the organization is bringing more business it may be stressful when there is a surge in patients, and the hospital does not have enough staff. Therefore, it is essential that the organization knows how to deal with the impact brought about by their marketing techniques.


There are different marketing techniques and trends that healthcare organizations are using. The current trends and innovative and they are constantly changing with the use of technology. The marketing techniques tend to be beneficial to the healthcare organization and it is essential that organization know how to deal with the technique that they use so as to be of positive impact.


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