Group Dynamics

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My Positive Personality

I am a unique person characterized various personal attributes, principles and etiquette. I have virtues of positive attitude in everything that I do as well as with what I believe. My positive attitude makes me achieve many goals and gives chance to difficulties. As a positive minded person aim capable of doing well in everything. Through positive mind, I believe there is nothing impossible to a willing heart.  My second virtue is being a good listener. I love listening to other individual’s opinions, advice, and suggestions. As a good listener, I am capable of learning more from others. I look forward to peoples mind by giving them a chance of self-expressions as well as time to speak their mind while listening to them.  I am an introvert by nature, and I always like spending much of time thinking when am alone. I like socializing with others and take a turn in talking when it is necessary and when I have something to say.  My heart is full of compassion, so I like lending a hand to needy, oppressed and those physically challenged. My helping nature to others has triggered me in starting charity walks to help orphans and having plans of starting children home. I have a strong feeling on those who are suffering, and I can do anything to make sure they have enjoyed live maximally.

I have some weakness like being fearful to express something before group especially new ideas. I t takes me long to expose an idea for people to back it up. It is unfortunate that I have low speed in innovative thinking. I am active at improving already existing ideas and innovated systems. I work well with already established innovated ideas to develop more advanced systems from already provided ideas. I take responsibility for everything that comes by my way. I am glad at seeing everything right. I have a weakness that I cannot stand seeing someone suffering when I have the potential of assisting.  I take all responsibilities as my duty, obligation, accountabilities and work that I should accomplish faithfully. I am a right minded person who has principles of ensuring peace, goodness, and well lived cheerful moments with others. I work hard to ensure that I have avoided trouble with me.  I ensure no changes that can cause chaos, harm, and quarrels when living together.

I have a challenge in everything involving taking risks. I am not a risk taker due to fear of losing.  I always like to learn by examples from other but not indulging in pioneering everything. It gives me good time and confidence to weigh and take the best decision when others have started. I am characterized by being calm. Always I take time towards making a judgment and being involved in judging. I like others to suggest while I take their suggestions to supplement and make better lives from existing other people opinion. I like being self-sufficient in nearly everything. Being independent is my best principled as it assists in avoiding being burden to others.  I feel appreciated and feel as man achiever when I make an achievement through my initiative. I hate being a liability to others by depending on their help, effort, and assets. All that I like is to live independently with freedom to meet all my needs and requirements.

Solutions to My Friend’s Negative Personality

Being a good listener require a person to train his or her mind to give and concentrate on everything. Practicing being a good listener involves taking into consideration what is taken as rubbish or that considered lacking sense and trying to obtain sense. Having a right mind that everything said can bring good results tunes one’s mind towards becoming a good listener. We should understand that communication must involve listener (Recipient) and speaker (Sender), and both must be present and active for effective communication.  Another challenge faced by my friend is always considering that he is always right. However, not all chances that a given person can be right. One should consider taking others being better that him. It is good etiquette to accept being corrected by colleagues and accept that one can be on the wrong side. One of the methods practiced towards avoiding thinking that one is always right is by considering others better than the way someone is by appreciating them always.  We should understand that human beings are not perfect, and other people can define our characters better.  One should avoid expecting that people will always listen to what he or she says. We should tune our mind, thoughts and principles such that we can always face opposition. Other peopled have right to and freedom to express their opinions, views, suggestions, and contributions against or in support of our ideas. We should always expect people to listen to us if we also give them time and chance to speak while we are attentively listening.

Everyone has limited and boundaries that define extent at which he or she should occupy. It is always right when we live like friends, colleagues, workmates, and other social class to understand our boundaries. We should avoid exercising our authorities in other people’s space. It is important to define our scope to avoid getting to other people’s positions without our awareness. The nature of our duties, responsibilities, and position in which others are should determine whether we should participate in other people’s affairs. We should live as assets to other such that people can easily turn us into more useful and vessels that can be utilized for the glory of others.  We should avoid to always wanting to bother someone over our issues since others have theirs too. Our desire and aspiration should be helping others how to achieve and get out of their difficult situations. Though we cannot solve all problems, we should be responsible enough to help others coming out of their troubles first. Our personal issues should not be a threat other people way of life. We should practice attending to the attention of others when they require our attention. We should respond by giving our assistance to those in dire need.

We should learn to solve our issues without always expecting others to help or assist us. Financial support or any other method of assistance should not be entrusted to come from other people. Our goal should be having true and effectively working to support our needs and requirements. It is unethical and being lazy to fail to support our desires. Being leaders to us means taking total control of our desires to an extent of meeting desires of others. Being dependent on others is like making others be slaves to us indirectly. We become parasites to those whom we wait upon to feed us, to give us clothes as well as to provide food. When one is responsible enough he or she must be capable of providing basic needs in abundant. There should be enough to give, keep, and share to become completely responsible for life.   It is considered inhuman failing to help others when we have potential and ability to give help to others.  Our main concern should be others to live better lives without difficulties. We should understand that it is always better to give than to receive. Our virtues express more human attributes when we assist others in their ways of life.  We should live in true love. A person having true love should participate in helping needy, oppressed, less fortunate, and physically challenged individuals.

Living in peace with one another is a virtue that enhances and promotes social life among individuals. We should have a high potential of accommodating one another in everything that we do. Being a trouble maker increases our insufficient to accommodate others in social life. We should live with human characteristics that promote understanding other people’s culture, behaviors, and reactions. People with a good heart will always seek to create peace at an event where other react against their will. We should always try to make and create peace with arrogant people. One way of creating peace with others is through forgiving them, giving them hope and allocating them a better place by recognizing them, and doing them well.

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