Graciela Limon

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The section of the book tends to examine how gender expectations can determine the role that one should play in the family. In this section of the book, it focuses on how Ana started showing interest in education such that she got more attached to books to an extent that her father started feeling resentment. During the summers, Ana was expected to join others for summer harvesting. Ana did not like the idea of going to the fields, but she preferred staying at home and looking after the kids, and that would provide her with a chance of reading more books. The story is an informative one as it describes the struggle between Ana and her father as she is trying to make her life better and the expectations she should fulfill in the family.

The book is of great relevance in learning about ethnicity. In the book, Limon tends to do excellent work in describing the hardships of the migrant life and the driving emotions of the family patriarch. The book tends to indicate the interplay of race and ethnicity in the Mexico and the United States. As Ana is moving around, she finds out that there are many ethnic factors that are hindering her from becoming what she wants to be and it is through her effort that the reader gets to learn how ethnicity play a role in someone’s life.

Reading through the book, I have learned that to succeed in life, sometimes we should follow a path of despair so as to reach redemption. Ana lived in a world that tries to determine her fate; however, she refused to submit. One major lesson learned from the book is that we should always strive to achieve our dreams irrespective of what challenges we encounter.


Limon, G (2001) the Memories of Ana Calderon. Arte Publico Press

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