First, Do No Harm: Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring Relationships Name of student

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The article is a summary as well as a critical analysis of the research by Rhodes, Jean, Belle Liang, and Renée Spencer about “First do no Harm: Ethical Principles for youth mentoring relationships”. In the recent past, young mentoring programs have increased tremendously with millions of teenagers have volunteers involved in their lives. However, improper implementation of the mentoring program to the youth results in more adverse consequences to the young people than good. The problem also gets attributed to the absence of a governing body for the youth mentoring or for volunteer youth workers, relaxation of minimum volunteer screening, commitment and training requirements by many programs, and using matches that do not suit the teenagers. The result is child molestation, disappointment, and suffering of the young people.

Various ethical principles can get implemented to solve the problem. The American Psychology Association (APA) Ethics Code provides five principles namely Beneficence and Nonmaleficence, Fidelity and responsibility, justice, integrity and respect for people’s rights and dignity. These ethical principles provide guidelines on how to support and nurture positive development and growth among children in the mentoring programs as well as to communicate expectations through training and continuous support.

The research is relevant to solving youth problems in the 21st century. The researcher also indicates a gap of lack of emphasis in the topic by researchers and practitioners yet it affects numerous of young people in the society. The research also finds a solution to the problem that gets guided by an already used code of conduct has a high probability of success. However, the study has significant shortcomings. For instance, the research did not indicate the specific fraction of young people in the society who are involved in young mentoring programs. This number should be available with various agencies or from other sources.

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