Exploring Personal Leadership Styles

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Strengths and weaknesses as a leader

Various leadership styles have been identified. Some the leadership styles have evolved and some that others have remained constant.  Some leaders stick to a particular style while others tailor their style to particular situation demands. There are a variety of things that separate leaders from the rest. Leaders possess common traits in order to succeed. Various qualities important to leaders have been identified. These qualities stand out as being more important to leadership.  These leadership styles are not just for executives can be applied to professional and personal life too.

Outside research has enabled me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. My first strength is my ability to have a vision. The ability to see the future is a great quality of a leader. Vision allows leaders to have an exciting idea of where they are going and what they are attempting to achieve. A vision helps leaders to strategically plan. The ability to have a vision separates leaders from managers. This quality of vision changes characterizes transformational leadership. A great leader taps into the emotions of employees while managers get the job done. I am also a risk taker. Leaders are willing to take risks to achieve set goals with no assurance of success. Given the uncertainty in business and life, every commitment made and every action taken entails a risk of some kind. Courage is the most identifiable outward trait that a leader may possess.

I value integrity. The core of integrity is truthfulness. The importance of complete honesty cannot be overemphasized.  The core of integrity is truthfulness. Integrity requires leaders to be truthful to all people in different situations. Truthfulness forms the basis for trust that necessary in the success of any business.I am a strategic planner. Leaders are exceptional at strategic planning. Strategic planning is characterized by the ability to look ahead and anticipate with a certain degree of accuracy where the organization, market, and industry. Strategic planners have the ability to anticipate trends well in advance of competitors. Leaders continually ask where the market is going based on what is happening today and where the organization is expected to be in the future. Leaders do this through thoughtful strategic planning. Due to increasing competitiveness, leaders that can accurately anticipate future trends can possibly survive. Leaders with foresight gain the first mover advantage.

Leaders also focus on the needs of the organization and the situation. Leaders focus on outcomes, on what they must achieve, what others achieve and by the organization. I tend to make snap decisions without giving room for lengthy judgment. This is my biggest weakness as a leader. I quickly assimilate data and appraise situations. However, snap decisions are not always dependable.

I relate my strengths to transformational leadership style. The influence of transformational leadership on followers is commonly explained as stemming from followers empowerment and development which increase their motivation and ability(Eagly et al., 2003). The ability of the leader to call the shots and ensure that people are focused and concentrated on the most valuable use of their time is important to the excellent performance of the enterprise. Leaders with these qualities recognize that enabling the full potential of employees is one step to getting the most out of people.  One way of improving on my weaknesses is through careful analysis of situations. Detail oriented individuals tend to ask thoughtful questions and carefully analyze the situation before making any decision.


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