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Customer satisfaction is measuring tactic towards determining the performance of an organization. The Expedia had developed several solutions prior developing the best ways of understanding the customer satisfaction. Knowledge is always acquired from the existing information that an organization will have posses. The Expedia identified the use of big data as the wise think to have the exploitation of the better customer satisfaction. There was the consideration of developing the best ways of collecting the data generated by the company that is associated with the money generating processes so that eh customers can get included by the fact that they are the core sponsors and stakeholders to the company. They stand to determine the market of the company. The big data idea came with the fact that there are different technologies that are evolving and associating the management of the big data to present their benefits easily to the organization overall leadership and management.

The Expedia took a forward target of ensuring that there are the understanding and the improving of the customer lifetime value which can only facilitate the understanding the customer satisfaction with the service and products delivery. The thought was challenging based on the fact that the customers that used the Expedia for booking did not have the accounts. And there was the need for ensuring that the information is captured.

There was the introduction of a real-time customer satisfaction measurement program which was defined with some core objectives. The program aimed at measuring the customer responses to increasing the satisfaction. The program was quite effective and efficient compared to the use of the big data through the analysis of the data.

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