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Evidence-based practice has been incorporated into the use of DuetteTM, a device designed and developed by the Poiesis Medical LLC which acts as a urinary drainage system. DuetteTM’s advantage over the traditional Foley catheter is that it uses a dual-design that prevents bladder trauma during drainage aspiration.

There are three design characteristics of DuetteTM, which improve on Foley design: firstly, the designers added another distal balloon on the catheter tip to cushion it, thereby controlling incidences of CAUTI infection at the urinary tract. Also, its drainage eyes are placed between the balloons thereby preventing aspiration damage to bladder’s lining. Finally, it is similar to Foley catheter in that it gets inserted the same way. DuetteTM’s design minimizes catheterization effects such as urine blockage, cystitis (bladder inflammation), Hematuria, bladder wall penetration and perforation, CAUTI and UTIs and chronic bladder irritation (a condition which research claims that it increases the risk is the infection of blood cancer by about eight to ten percent). It is better to note that most of the above infections are usually preventable, such as the CAUTI, but according to research by CDC, they estimated that there were approximately five hundred and sixty thousand cases of such infections within U.S. boundaries thereby leading to about thirteen hundred deaths (Ardito, 2011).

I believe that the DuetteTM is important because it is evident that it is advantageous over standard catheter According to the study at Tampa General Hospital, since we introduced the use of DuetteTM catheter to our patients, the risk of infections associated with the traditional Foley catheter has reduced by about eighty percent. The second distal balloon added in DuetteTM’s design proved very effective since it does not cause damages to the protective walls of the bladder, unlike the traditional catheters which poked, leading to accumulation of mucus on the walls and further causing infections and irritation at the bladder. The pictures compare DuetteTM and standard catheters.



Ardito, S. C. (2011). Hospital-Acquired Infection. Searcher, 19(5), 38-42.

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