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Part C

In the study, an interview was conducted on four individuals, which provided almost the same results. When asked about euthanasia, all respondents claimed that nurses need to respect the decision of the patient. The patient is the one who is suffering and with the decisions that they make about their lives, a nurse should ensure that they respect it.

In all the four interviews, religion and also profession did have an influence on individual views of euthanasia. For instance, Mrs. Sharkey, Mrs. Davis, and Quizon claimed that what they had experienced and seen in them nursing profession did influence their view of euthanasia. Mrs. Sharkey, Mrs. Davis, and Quizon said that based on their profession, the patient has the right to choose death over life. After being a nurse for over 15 years, Quizon view on assisted euthanasia was influenced by the experience as he observed many patients enduring the end of life care in an agonizing death. Because of this, he advocates for the wishes of the patient even if the choice is death. The view of the nurses is also the same with that of the religious leader who state that the patient and family members are in the best position to make a decision after they receive wise and competent medical advice. They should also seek guidance through prayer and fasting. We all die and for both the patient and also their loved ones, it demands real decisions. Assisted euthanasia and not an easier option for the caregiver and any decision regarding the life of a patient, it is necessary to discuss it with the patient before making a request for assisted death (Pappas, 2012).


Pappas, D (2012). The euthanasia/assisted-suicide debate ABC-CLIO

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