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Pro-Birth, Pro-Choice (Abortion issue)

Pro-choice arguments

The pro-choice side argues that abortion is a justifiable act. The people supporting the pro-choice side argue that human life begins to form much later in pregnancy, so the woman has all rights to terminate the pregnancy in its early stages. Also, the pro-choice side argues that there are reasonable reasons for a woman to go ahead and do an abortion especially in the case of incest, rape, deformity of the child, and financial constraints. Each of these issues as proposed by Debopiya Bose in her article, “Arguments for Pro-Choice abortion” can seem to be justifiable reasons for a woman to do an abortion.

The pro-choice group believes that abortion is part the woman’s right such as the right to personal choice and a right to privacy. The media is bias on the issue of abortion. The media is leaner to pro-choice. Jackson Eddie in his thesis argues that in cases of fringe news of a pro-life story being covered by the anchor, the news is communicated a certain irrational undertone to the public such as religious fanatics murdering doctors who carry out abortions (Jackson, 2011). Thus in so doing the media has accepted the fact that women have a freedom and right as well as being part of their personal constitution of governing their lives. Thus, the pro-choice arguments support that a woman should have her privacy in determining the right decision that they feel best for their lives. Thus pro-choice is all about personal freedom just like the personal freedom given to all American citizens via the declaration of independence and the Constituent of the United States that shows that life is about a pursuit of happiness and is all about liberty. Also, such a claim means that it is a mistake for legislative laws to invade a woman’s privacy, oppress them, or steal from them their right of making a personal choice.

The pro-choice advocates also indicate that women receiving abortions do not suffer from mental problems as compared to those who were denied to vote. In a study done recently, 95% of participants reported that their decision to end the pregnancy was the right decision for them. They felt relieved which was the main aspect that enabled them to outweigh other negative emotions even three years after conducting the procedure (Abortion Rights, 2015).

Lastly, the argument from the pro-choice advocates is that abortion is always safe when carried out by a trained professional. It is among the safest procedures in the field of medicine with a death rate of less than.01 percent. It is unlike the risk of dying while giving birth which is thirteen times higher. Thus legalizing abortions is the only way for well-trained doctors to provide these services in a professional manner without fear of breaking the law (Abortion Rights, 2015).


 Pro-euthanasia arguments

The Pro-euthanasia arguments are mainly in the background that the modern world is full of pain and suffering. It is because there are modern diseases which are incurable that have made people’s life intolerable, and they steal a person’s sense of life. These diseases have therefore given people a much stronger inducement to end their lives. Also even with the rapid modern development in medicines, some people’s lives cannot be saved or their pain relieved. Thus, euthanasia plays a significant role and that it should be legitimate.

The pro-euthanasia supporters also indicate that the act occurs secretly among various world societies even those that hold it to be illegal and immoral. Thus, these people do so in assisting to relieve the intractable suffering (House of Lords, 12). The advocates argue that the passive form of euthanasia is commonly done in hospitals especially when the doctors have understood the impossibility of curing a person. Thus, doctors will use narcotics to alleviate the patient suffering. Another passive form of euthanasia common in the hospital is through the cessation of therapy.

The pro-euthanasia argue that people can decide for active euthanasia when they know they are a burden to their family and that they are aware that they cannot afford the treatment. These are individuals who want to leave the word peacefully without leaving their families poor, so they just want to die with dignity. So it is our duty to fulfill the wishes of the sick person, and this wish is on rejection, they may opt to commit suicide which is a great crime and sin. Pro-euthanasia advocates say that it is the only way of relieving a patient from the pain that one is unable to pain. The pro-euthanasia supporters indicate that most people fail to overcome the pressure of their suffering, and they end up losing their sense of life. Life in itself becomes a burden to them as well as their loved ones. Thus “the physician-assisted suicide will help to shorten their pre-mortar suffering period and also enable them to do away with the fear of when and how death will occur. Thus, the procedures enable then to have a measure of control of the dying process (Singer, 58)

 Capital Punishment

 Arguments against capital punishment

There are several reasons provided by those who oppose the death penalty. First is that there is a better alternative which is life without parole. The second one is that innocent lives at placed at risk in cases of capital punishment. The fact given o support this claim is that since 1976 when the death penalty was reinstated in the United States more than 138 innocent women and men have been proven not guilty and were facing their death row even some coming just minutes of execution. Thus executing an innocent individual is morally reprehensible and that such risks are not worth it.

Another point is that place and race are the factors used to determine the person to live and the one to die. The people killing white people are most likely to face capital punishment especially when the killer is an African American. Also, the prosecutors in Oregon are most likely to pursue death penalty unlike prosecutors of other states. Another point is that since the start of capital punishment, it has never failed to deter crime. They say that studies have not proven that these executions prevent people from committing the crime. Lastly, capital punishment is not supported by every world religion. Apart from some isolated instances in the bible that advocates for death penalties most other religions consider execution.

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