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My name is Hussain Alamran. I am currently undertaking a major in business. My country of origin is Saudi Arabia.  Writing has never been an easy task for me probably because I have never considered myself a proficient writer.  I consider the art of writing a complex process. One of my strength as a writer is my ability to clearly understand the requirements. I also tend to be detailed and always get straight to the point. I view this as an effective way of getting the reader to get absorbed quickly in my writing. I struggle with various things in writing. One of my major weaknesses is in organization and transitions.  After rereading most of my work, I often realize that I jumped from one topic to another. Sometimes, several topics appear in one paragraph. Developing one topic in a single paragraph always seems to be an easy task. I tend to think that the problem arises from always getting straight to the point and my fear of writing unnecessary details. I also fail to make smooth transitions between paragraphs.

My typical approach in writing involves writing a plan before jotting words down. The approach has been effective particularly when writing essays. After a reflecting on what is required, I usually make an outline. I then write down important facts that will further be explained in the essay. After completing the essay, I reread my work while making necessary corrections. Using this approach has helped me realize the importance of careful planning and proofreading. One thing I like about writing is the ability to express oneself. With writing, it is also possible to eliminate many difficulties through constant practice. Constant practice eliminated most difficulties and helped to inspire confidence in my writing skills.

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