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The Point of View Essay

The event described in this point of view essay is a boxing match taking place inside a boxing arena in which the positive and negative descriptions get outlined. It is a superb sunny Saturday afternoon, in a tense environment as two of the world’s greatest boxers await t face in a championship match. The arena is filled with jubilant fans. The boxing ring is placed at the center of the arena, a place where it completely visible to all the fans in the audience. The audience comprises mostly of the male gender. The room is filled with excitement as fans sing, chant, have loud conversations, whistle, dance, and others compete in supporting their side.

A large portion of the fans approximately 80 percent is dressed in either blue or white color clothing to represent their respective sides. Most of the people in the audience are dressed in t-shirts, a few others are dressed formally in suits, and others are in shirts. Security persons are strategically placed along the exits, around the boxing ring, and the pathways that will get used by the boxers’ entourage. Most of them have dark shades.

The announcer’s voice announces the entry of the first boxer and the chanting that was equally distributed on the two opposite sides of the boxing ring increase tremendously on the supporting side. Fans are singing, shouting and calling the name of the boxer at the top of their voices. It is easy to feel the temperature of the environment rise as the second boxer makes his way to the ring. Chanting of the fans becomes highest at this point as the sides compete to outdo each other. The boxers are dressed in full boxing gear and seem motivated and ready for the match. The boxers flex their muscles and soon after a brief introduction and display of the championship belt, the match soon commences. It is exciting and an interesting experience to see such talent. The boxers tactfully attack each other and defend attacks. In my view, it would extremely be difficult to judge and get a winner. It is however very crucial that justice prevails in all forms of competitions including boxing matches. Injustice in the judgment of the boxing match can waste months of work on a fight and sweat and blood (Hillstrom, Hillstrom & Matuz, 1998).

The hitting of the boxers by each other however seems inherently negative. It is painful to see each of the boxers receive some of the heavy knocks but persevere with their aim on the prize, glory and pride that comes with winning the championship. The fight intensifies as each of the boxers attempt to outdo each other. The knocks are heavier thus more painful. The breaks placed between the several rounds provide relieve to the boxers who are putting all their energy and strength in the match. The boxers significantly understood that the delivery of success in the match would be as a result of sole effort and hard work. Another negative aspect in the arena would be the significant noise pollution as a result of cheering of the matches and the boxers. Loud noise has negative impacts such as mental and psychological effects (Chauhan, 2008) to some persons hence would hinder them from attending the event as well as would disrupt any other business located around the arena.



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