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Drones refer to small aircraft’s that have the ability to fly themselves and gather information with minimal human intervention and also without a pilot on board. These types of aircraft vary widely in size, cost, and endurance and are known as drones, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and remotely piloted aerial vehicles (RPAVs). The person who flies the drones is located on the ground or at a command center from where they control the drone’s movement. The aircraft can stay in the air for varying amounts of time that range from less an hour to up to thirty hours. Drones can cover varying distances including outside the line of sight of the operator. Quadcopters get regarded as examples of drones, yet they are traditionally operated within the line of sight. Drones are capable of carrying a lethal or non-lethal payload.

The autonomous operation of a drone been flown by a pilot operator on the ground is possible due to various features. The drone has a GPS feature that allows it to navigate a complicated flight path without human control. In operation, drones get supported by launch, remote control, and retrieval systems. It has a receiver that receives and transmits the signal to the ground. It has a propeller and a motor that allows a drone to fly. Other features include a battery on the underside that powers the drone and a flight controller system.

The drone technology has got developed for application in various sectors. The most common uses are surveillance and observation, as well as carrying out attacks on the military. Surveillance is possible due to cameras installed in the aircraft. An example of surveillance is undertaken to observe wild animals in the natural habitat without disturbing them, detect wildfires and track their size as well as intelligence in war zones to gather intelligence. Drones get used in military missions since it reduces the risk of humans in the operations.

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