Employment opportunities for computer system analyst in IT

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Employment has been a challenging issue all over the world with the current political instability in most nations. It is appropriate to have a good plan towards having a good understanding of some of the opportunities that relate to the professional pursued. In the case, I intend to have a deep individual and collective group thinking regarding the opportunities available to a computer system analyst (Berkun, 2004). The process was developed in different tiers whereby I began with the identification of the group that will get involved in the group brainstorming session. The group personnel was selected by having a good understanding regarding the computer system analyst in IT.

The second tier involved the individual brainstorming later the third session followed with the group brainstorming. I finalized the process by the analyzing of the results. During the brainstorming session, there were the core objectives that drove the entire program. In the process, I had to major on providing an understanding regarding the skills and possible required qualification that the market wishes any computer system analyst to contain. Subsequently, I did ensure that I list the possible opportunities that are linked to the qualification I did possess. All was about the deep thinking done within the specified period.


The brainstorming session regarding the employment opportunities for the computer system analysts in IT began with the early selection of the personnel that was to facilitate the entire process. I did select the group team. Later as a way of developing the brainstorming procedural, there was the development of the guiding questions from which the thinking aimed at providing the required and appropriate answers. The questions developed outlined the naming of the qualification that the most IT analysis jobs are requiring within the market. Also, there was the inclusion of the questions regarding the different opportunities that that any computer system analyst who is qualified can undertake. The process of selecting the questions was essential to the point that was to determine the outputs (mindtools.com, n.d).

I believed in individual, and group brainstorming as both the identities provided quality results. I went into the personnel sourcing of the information regarding the process. At the point, each participant had been allowed to undertake a research regarding the same for three days, and we were well equipped with the information. The thinking was done which was later followed by the group brainstorming session to ensure that much information is collected. I finalized by analyzing the collected information from which I identified the appropriate information that was to enable me to understand how easy to determine the opportunities.


The brainstorming process is always involving, and it is also enjoyable if planned well. I did identify the need for undertaking both the individual brainstorming and the group brainstorming as the two programs enable the identification of the areas that were easily missed out in the early processes. The two processes provide an easy and good way of providing the necessary information required. The definition of the questions did provide the necessary guideline as I did not move outside the box instead have the concentration was about the computer system analyst opportunities.

It was observed that the opportunities were quite a lot such that organizations are well utilizing the data generated from the process done (bls.gov, 2015). The big data is outlined with huge benefits that can be identified with the undertaking of data analytics which is a task and role of a computer system analyst. At the same time processes defines the success of the company. It requires an analyst to aid in advising on what to do. Also, technology is on the front in the process of providing a guideline on what to undertake, and this pushes for computer analysts.


Brainstorming is defined with collecting information that aid in shedding light on a given concept or terminology. The process wishes defined with thinking from all directions to provide the appropriate information. The process was successful on the basis that the group identified did the relative work and there is the good understanding regarding the opportunities to the computer system analyst. The brainstorming sessions were conducted in two sessions which were also successful. The information collected was quality, and this shows how the entire program was successful.

In my opinion, the process was not irritating in any way, but there was the failure to identify some of the certifications that are mostly considered for some opportunities despite that there are quite some opportunities. Despite the process, there was the need to use the sophistical tools in undertaking the data analysis regarding the collected information. The follow up action is to have the deep understanding of these selected opportunities that suits best the computer system analyst because there was the generalization in the process. This is defined in the next iteration where there will be the conduction of some meeting at different levels to provide the necessary information regarding the respective employment opportunities for computer system analyst in IT.


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