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 Connecting the Unconnected

Emirates Airline is a Dubai-based airline that focuses on providing top class services and in-flight experience to its clients. The case study tends to detail the business strategy, how the company chooses new routes, equipment, and technology, manage human resources, branding and marketing, and the government relationships. In the case, it follows the steps that Emirate followed in developing a lucrative business model through using the strategic advantage to its location targeting three-quarter of the global population (Alcacer& Clayton 2014).

Based on the case, so as to attract and sustain their customers, Emirates tend to put glamor in their places. For the double-Decker Airbus A380, the full bars are standard in the business and in the first class cabin they include free foods drinks and showers in all the flights to Emirates. The airline tends to provide a mix of quality services, low costs, and operating efficiency. Emirates have the advantage of highly trained employees. The airline emerged as a formidable player on international travel scene, and some of its innovations such as private suites in the first-class and entertainment screens in the coach cabin have been copied by many airlines.

As Emirates tend to be facing a technical and political challenge in expanding and competing with new players from the Middle East, the main question that emerges from this is whether it will be sustainable. With this, one has to consider whether the strategy Emirates use is sustainable, Dubai’s role in the success of Emirate, and the recommendation for the company’s growth. With these issues facing the airline, it is necessary that Emirates should take immediate action and consider focusing on its greatest asset which is its services. It is important that Emirate should focus on enhancing its customer services through the use of new technology.


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