Documentary on Uganda-Gifted by Nature

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The documentary on Uganda with the title gifted by nature is a documentary that has been made with the main objective of ensuring that it depicts the excellent natural, cultural features that are found in Uganda. The documentary is an assessment of the unique natural features that can be found in Uganda, highlighting the exceptional physical features and wildlife that is located in the country. The documentary implements an assessment of the natural beauty that is found in Uganda, with some exceptional features that make the country beauty incomparable to another. The Murchison Falls and the Ruwenzori Mountains are some of the attributes that make the country and exceptional and beautiful place to visit.

The additional assessment of the traditional ways of living of the Ugandan people that has not been corrupted by globalization especially the housing whereby there is an excellent comparison between the traditional and modern housing offers an exceptional assessment of human history. The documentary further assesses the ways of life through the art presented in museums, traditional dances, and activities such as grazing of cattle. The documentary offers an exceptional presentation of how power was exercised and presented throughout the Ugandan history by looking into the transition from their traditional to the contemporary rulers. Division of labor on gender lines is additionally highlighted in the documentary with the assessment of the roles that men traditionally carried out and the ones that were exclusively meant for the women and girls. The additional assessment of their transition from the traditional religions to the conversion by the missionaries and the change in the belief systems further highlight the value of the documentary. I choose the video it offers an exceptional delivery of the diverse issues that are addressed in ethnic studies.


The video offers an excellent introduction to the ethnic studies courses as through the issues that are presented, the issue of race and comparison between the European and African context is evident. The video further offers an exceptional assessment of the issue of the transitioning of Uganda regarding their ethnical groups and how they have been able to live together. The additional issue of colonization by the Europeans and the consequent liberation along with the fact that the ethnic groups have been living together with the whites is quite evident. The additional assessment of the issue of sexuality, gender roles and the possession, transference of power in the traditional as well as the contemporary society offers an excellent background to a student in the ethnicity class.

Through the assessment of the diverse issues that have been addressed in this video, I have had the opportunity to get a better grasp on the issue of ethnicity and the role it plays in any typical society. Through the assessment of a society that is divided several ethnic groups along with the fact that despite the fact although the groups consider themselves different, they have been able to live together offers additional breath to my understanding of ethnicity. The additional issue of traditional leaders and how power was passed from one leader to another and comparing it to the contemporary society where power is vested in the people presents me with an opportunity of assessing just how far societies have come from.

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