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  • Based on the scientific management theory, what are some of the routines in health care that seems to be inefficient? What examples of participative decision making exist in your workplace? Provide your rationale.

One of the routines in healthcare which can be considered to be inefficient can is understaffing a healthcare facility floor with potentials of the high rate of acuity. In some of the healthcare facilities, conscription is grounded on the census of the facility’s floor instead of being to the level of acuity. This accepted level of acuity culminates to shift over time thus leading to the dissatisfaction of the nurses. It also causes medical errors in the process of treating the patients.

Unnecessary services are also another routine in the healthcare that seems inefficient. It comes where one is likely to find patients and other people within the healthcare setting receiving some services that are not necessary at all. The unnecessary services add to the amount of money they end up paying at the hospital and paralyzes their capabilities to earn a decent living by investing elsewhere.

There are also cases of inefficient delivery of health care among the patients visiting the health care facilities for treatment. Receiving of inefficient health care as delivered by the physicians and other workers at the hospitals may make the patients even contract other diseases which they might not have come for treatment at the health care facility (Garber & Skinner, 2008).

There are also cases of prevention failures among the patients thus leading to deteriorating of their health status instead of getting healed. This compromises the state of the healthcare facilities and leaves the patient exposed to deadly illnesses. This can also lead to the deaths of the patients instead of preventing such occurrences at the hospital and its premises.

  • Describe how the concepts of leadership and management differ from each other. In what areas do they overlap? Explain how the goals of management and leadership may sometimes overlap. As a nurse leader, do you believe you can expand your influence to create change by taking advantage of this overlap? Explain your answer

There are differences between the concepts of leadership and management. On one hand is the management which comprises of systematic processes that help in the functioning of an organization. Managers determine how an organization is going to work. They engage in planning, staffing, budgeting, job clarification, performance measurement, and problem-solving when the outcomes do not go as per the plans.

On the other hand is leadership which is significantly different. A leader aligns people to the vision of the country or an organization. Therefore, it means that a leadership position is responsible for communicating, motivating, and inspiring people that he leads. However, the main difference between leadership and management is that leaders have a group of people that follows them while managers have a group of working for them (Blair, 1996).

One of the areas that leadership and management overlap is that both are positions of influence and that they cannot exist without having a group of people either working for the manager of following the leader. The goals of leadership and management overlap in that both need to influence a group of people and would like their influence to be felt. As a nurse, I believe that I can expand my influence to create change by taking advantage of the overlap. This is explained in the way that I can make a group of people follow me by depicting characters of a leader and at the same time make the group of people works for me for the betterment of the condition of the healthcare facility.


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