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The body’s genetic makeup is in constant interaction with the environment from the moment of conception.  Although extreme genetic or environmental elements interact to predominate behavior in rare cases, with the two attributes interacting to produce the IQ of an individual. Numerous environmental attributes have been discovered to shape the IQ of an individual. The influences normally fall into two chief categories that encompass the biological as well as socio-cultural attributes (Eysenck, 2015). The biological factors impact the physical body while the socio-cultural attributes shape the mind as well as the individual’s behavior.

The biological attributes encompass all issue from nutrition to stress, and the assertion follows that they start impacting the IQ from the prenatal stages going onwards.  Studies have indicated that nutrition as a huge impact on intelligence throughout the life of an individual, with malnutrition in the critical growth periods having a huge impact on the IQ of an individual (Eysenck, 2015). It is additionally evident that issues of inadequate nutrition have the likelihood of disrupting the neural connections along with the pathways, leaving an individual unable to recover mentally.

The natural genetic construct of the body interacts with the environment from the moment of conception. Issues as stress also have a huge role in the development of an individual’s IQ, with issues as exposure to violence during childhood having a strong correlation with lower IQ along with lower school grades in children of all races. Socio-cultural issues as the family unit have also been found to have an impact on the development of a child (Eysenck, 2015). The position of the child in the birth order has been found to have an impact on the IQ, with the first born children being found to have higher IQ. The additional issue of stereotype threat has an impact on the IQ as people who belong to a certain groups perform in line with the generalizations that have been assigned to the group, which affects the IQ score of an individual.


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