Dick Thornburgh

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In the article “Making Amends” Dick Thornburgh, the attorney general of the US, on behalf of the United States federal administration makes a formal apology concerning the internment process and to the Japanese Americans involved. The author acknowledges the efforts of the Japanese Americans in the struggle for equality as well as the violation of their human rights by the government. Thornburgh recognized that the events of the Japanese relocation into internment camps were not all in vain but strengthened the American solidarity and constitution. It is in such incidents that have led to the significant achievements by the US. Thornburgh admits that the government wronged, and in admitting their mistakes does not signify weakness but rather reinforces its commitment to the Constitution and protecting the American citizens. Thornburgh also acknowledges the role played by the Department of Justice in awarding the Japanese Americans payments totaling to more than 1 billion Dollars. I chose the subject since it is about wrong doing of persons on the basis of their race and ethnicity.

The article significantly relates to the Intro to Ethnic Studies course, since it covers the challenges in the past and present concerning the challenges relating to racism and ethnic problems. The article helps understand race and ethnic stratification around the globe. Most issues around the world relating to ethnicities such as competition and power concerns lead to adverse consequences but can be avoided through eliminating the classification of persons according to race, nation or ethnic lines. It also outlines the role of the government and the constitution in uniting its people regardless of their ethnic background.

The article helps understand the role of the government and constitution in enhancing cohesion and unity among different races and ethnic groups. The nation’s constitution should focus on protecting the rights of all people’s regardless of their religion, race or ethnic group.

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