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Depression is a neurodegenerative condition that disrupts the structure as well as the functioning of the brain cells, thereby resulting in the destruction of the nerve cells and precipitating cognitive decline. The neural circuit of several key brain structures like the amygdala, the prefrontal, and the hippocampus give shape to the emotions. Depression destroys that circuitry thereby resulting in their failure to generate positive feelings and inhibiting the disruptive negative ones. Depression holds a souls hostage, and it makes the victim experience sleeplessness, lack of energy, difficult to concentrate, self-blame, inability to experience pleasure, impairment of short-term memory, and the inability to see the alternatives (Elder, 1999). Depression is a manageable condition if its victims can be helped to learn how to handle it and also by getting counseling and medical assistance to cope with the same.

What to tell the cousin

I will tell the cousin what depression is and how harmful it can be if it is not properly handled in the right time and the right way. I will help him to understand how recurrent depression can negatively impact the processing of information in the brain and cause the victim to be ineffective in responding to the challenges of life. Depression is as a result of the dysfunctionality of many body systems, and it can cause heart disease of the healthy individuals or magnify the deadliness of the cardiac problems in the already suffering patients. I will substantiate the negative impacts of the condition and help the cousin to understand how to get medical assistance that can be useful in coping up with the disease.

To help him find the best treatment possible

The first treatment that I will help the cousin to get is the counseling from a qualified medical practitioner regarding the coping up with the condition and taking the medication seriously.  Even the most severe depression can be treated. The knowledge about the depression treatment options will help the cousin to make the best decision and approach that is best for him.  From the therapy and medication to changing one’s lifestyles, many treatments exist that can help one to overcome depression and reclaim their lives.  Because no one single medication that first all the case, I will help the cousin to get the advice of the doctor on the medication that is best for him.

Types of Therapy to Recommend

Finding the best therapy that can apply to the patient at hand will take the advice of a qualified therapist.  From my point of view, there are some therapies that I can recommend to the cousin to help him get out of the situation. Talk therapy can be one of the most effective in treating depression. What the patient will learn in the therapy will provide him with the skills and understanding that will help to prevent the depression from recurring (Martell, Addis& Jacobson, 2001). The three vital therapies will include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal therapy.  The antidepressants can also help the patient but with advice from a reliable medical practitioner.

How a Psychologist Will Determine His Behavior to Be Normal

The psychologist will have to place the individual in a functional magnetic resonance imager for the purpose of measuring the person’s brain activity. The use of amygdala can help to scan the incoming experience for any emotional significance, camouflage the negative feelings like fear, and send a notification of any threat, the information that is unavoidable.  The normal activities of the brain and the entire body system will show that the person is normal.


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