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Open Source Databases Back-up and Recovery Strategies

Open source data backup software is slowly becoming popular in most of the companies because of the nature of being open source. One of the backup software is the Amanda, which is the oldest strategy. The strategy derives its name from the University of Maryland where the idea was conceived originally. Amanda is the acronym for Advanced Maryland Disk Archiver. The strategy helps in automating, scheduling, and tracking. Among other strategies is the Bacula, which is an original idea of Kern Sibbald (Bartholomew, 2013).

The Bacula strategy is very different from Amanda because it writes a custom backup format meant for overcoming the limitations of the native backup tools. Therefore, the strategy replaces the enterprise tools available in the data center. The other strategy is the BackupPC. The backup strategy was for filling for the limitations of both Amanda and Bacula. Both strategies behaved like the traditional backup strategies hence the need for a different strategy. BackupPC is a disk-only backup strategy which performs incremental backups forever. It also stores the backups in their native format (Bryla, 2004).

The main difference in the database backups and recovery strategies between open source databases such as Amanda, Bacula, and BackupPC and other DBMS systems such as Oracle and SQL Server is that they are open source while the others are not open source. Being open source means that the users can easily edit them and add features not previously there at the development stage. Additionally, the open source strategies are free while the other ones need to be paid for. These differences might affect a person when choosing a data backup platform because such a person will not be needed to pay for one while he will pay for the other thus saving money (Bryla, 2004).


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