Data Storage Management Orientation 1

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Orientation 1: Orientation at Prowess


The iteration required taking one week. The session involved having a meeting with Mrs. Ivy human resource officer, for an introduction to Prowess IT Company.  During the first day of the week, the scheduled activity involved planning a forum of activities to initialize introduction seminars. According to a schedule issued by Mrs. Ivy, the first seminar was to involve understanding company policies as well as employees etiquette. Policy seminar was to be conducted by Mr. Taylor ISO standards expert. He was supposed to cover standards involved in management, development, and maintenance of database management systems. According to schedule second day and involved having an introduction to Prowess IT Company structure of the organization as well as having the first meeting with various IT department’s heads. Interns shall be required to familiarize with areas of jurisdiction. They shall be allocated duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities (H. P. Ivy, Personal communication, February 05, 2016)

During the third day and fourth day of orientation the schedules required having a workshop meeting with various stakeholders according to the allocation of duties and responsibilities. The session was to be facilitated by Mrs. Salome Head of Research Innovation and systems development. In the first day, workshop training involved understanding how to work with 2-tier and 3-tire database architecture. The session required an introduction to activities involving configuration and settings of the database. The second-day training shall have interns being trained general issues about databases on how to maintain, as well as understanding how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair simple database problems (F. K. Salome, Personal communication, February 08, 2016). Final day involved training on how to write reports, documentations, and performing auditing practices.


I took part in a first orientation whereby I initialized a meeting with a human resource officer. Mrs. Ivy allocated me a schedule of activities covering areas involved in database repository systems and management. I took part in meeting that covered an introduction to Prowess IT Company policies. Meeting covered detailed policies as specified by ISO and NIST. Areas covered included security maintenance, data and information security, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility (N. L. Taylor, Personal communication, February 05, 2016). Mr. Taylor explained acceptable methodologies for Designing, developing, and maintaining professional databases. Methodologies introduced included software development lifecycle, Agile, and DevOps. I took part in the introduction to Prowess structure of the organization. My duties involved working as a database developer and management of cloud computing storage facilities.

Mrs. Salome launched a workshop training that covered entire system, processes as well as operations. During the Training, facilitators demonstrated organization of database systems within an organization. I was shown the relationship between the central database and departmental databases. Mrs. Salome demonstrated how to configure Oracle databases and settings that supported enterprise resource planning. Training demonstrated maintenance of severing systems as well as managing users application programs using database management system. Training session equipped interns with knowledge in SQL commands, Oracle database codes, and installation of server operating system for easier communication between the client interface and server side (F. K. Salome, Personal communication, February 11, 2016). Workshop training covered general information based on maintaining storage systems. Main activities performed included how to ensure security through installation of firewalls, use of antivirus software as well as ensuring users have dedicated passwords, authentication credentials, and working security protocols. I was also trained on setting cloud backups, cleaning databases, and preparing for recovery plans.


The iteration facilitated by Mrs. Ivy, Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Salome made me have a wider view on how to Design, implement, to develop, and maintain a database architectural design. During introduction session by Mrs. Ivy, I realized that Prowess Company deals with wide range of IT services and products which are offered to local and international customers. The majority of customers are usually business enterprises. I understood that various standards, principles, and policies were involved and adhered to during developing storage systems. Developers, analysts, database managers must conform to industrial standards specified by ISO and NIST for quality and standardized products (N. L. Taylor, Personal communication, February 14, 2016). Through training session facilitated by Mr. Taylor, I observed that databases as one of a major storage and repository systems required having compatible characteristic to facilitate the transfer of data and information. For quality and acceptable systems, the database systems must incorporate proper methodologies during for easier and systematic implementation.

Training conducted by Mrs. Salome helped me to discover current storage mechanism and technology employed in business enterprises. I discovered new concepts such as big data handling, as well as dealing with cloud computing. Many organizations are shifting to cloud computing services to ensure accomplishment of contingency planning, disaster recovery planning, and business continuity (F. K. Salome, Personal communication, February 17, 2016). Through workshop training observed that various database, as well as servers, are linked with cloud computing to facilitate better operations involving accessing services such as online backup. 3-tier database storage architecture facilitated multiple operations such as database mining, data warehousing, online analyzing and processing as well as Loading, and Transforming data.


Meetings, training, and workshop sessions facilitated by Mrs. Ivy, Mrs. Salome, and Mr. Taylor went well. Their professional approach to various concepts has provided detailed understanding about handling databases. Orientation meeting conducted by Mrs. Ivy was a successful and interesting session that paved the way to understanding various ways of planning. I acquired skills in planning activities as well as having a new experience with experts. The session conducted by Mr. Taylor concerning policies was well covered. The session equipped me with professional skills, in handling activities in a standardized way. Oracle database principles that apply development technologies and programming languages such as Java and JavaScript must employ Object Oriented Programming (OOP) characteristics (N. L. Taylor, Personal communication, February 19, 2016). I was able to have an understanding of various programming activities such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. The concepts provided an overview of required technologies in the development of Oracle databases.

A training session that was facilitated by Mrs. Salome was excellently performed. Through her intervention, I gained understanding about relationships between client side and server side architectures of the database. Training involving how to perform troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing databases and servers was well performed. Through entire session main important maintenance concepts of storage systems are on organization management of data and information by ensuring security, data recovery, and security (F. K. Salome, Personal communication, February 20, 2016).  Some of the activities that never went well as planned involved performing activities involving documenting, writing reports and performing database auditing. Due to limited time, unachieved activities shall be implemented in next iterations to ensure complete covering of entire learning process through DevOps Methodology.

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