Current Event Impacting on Homeland Security

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed ten years ago. During this period, many observers have made fresh evaluations of the United States’ homeland security enterprise stands at the moment. DHS is listed as among the largest departments of the federal government. However, the department does not incorporate all the functions of the homeland security at the federal level. At the moment, homeland security is not defined in the best way possible. Additionally, it is faced with questions about its effectiveness and efficiency since it was formed. This paper highlights border security as one of the many homeland security issues.

Border Security

The top priority of the United States DHS is keeping terrorists and their weapons from entering the United States through its borders. However, the United States should be welcoming all the legitimate travelers and trade into the United States. DHS agencies and officers are responsible for enforcing all the applicable United States laws such as illegal immigration, smuggling of the drugs, and illegal importation. The DHS, through its agencies, applies highly trained law enforcement individuals. These security individuals have gone on to apprehends more than 1000 suspected individuals for violations of the United States border security laws (Nicas, 2015).

Border security concept in the United States has a complex relationship with the persistent terrorism threat on the United States soil. Border security includes other things as protection of the United States’ land borders, ports, and airports. Border security has a perceived impact on the landscape of the homeland security. The great impact of border security on the landscape of the homeland security is terrorism and illegal trade. Border security has gone on to become the primary concern since the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001. Therefore, the topic of border security went on to gain interest in Washington. Washington reconsidered funding requests and enforcement proposals since the Congress had begun to reassess how the United States’ borders need to be monitored and protected to thwart terrorism, trade, and illegal immigration.

According to my opinion, the United States does not need other laws except what it has at the moment to secure the border. The United States border can be secured and needs to be secured by using the correct regular appropriations process, enforcement, and application of the current laws. The security of the United States border is one of the main reasons why the Congress formed the DHS. The Congress need to focus on the concrete steps the department needs to take to improve its mandate. Some of the measures can be the formation of effective Border Enhancement Security Teams, effective cooperation between the federal and state government, and modern use of the technology. The reason for this opinion is that United States border security is not negotiable and any measures that will give extra security need to be considered (Bohn & Pugatch, 2015).


The roles and responsibilities of securing the borders of the United States have been left on the DHS. The DHS should be on the front line to ensure that anything which needs to be done has been done and that there are available resources from the federal and state governments to ensure this has been done in the best way possible. At the same time, border security should not be left on DHS only but be made a collective responsibility.


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