Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

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In the case of the natural disasters occurring, the diverse transports infrastructure is immediately impacted. There are numerous examples of natural disasters that can impact the transport systems and can include floods, storms, landslides as well as snowdrifts. The main attribute that can happen encompasses the closure of the main roads, rails, and airports that connect the different states, making the free movement of goods and people impossible. Considering the current changes in the climate and the past disasters as the Hurricane Sandy and the flooding of the Mississippi River, there is a likelihood of the disasters occurring. The occurrence of any of these natural disasters impacts the economic as well as social wellbeing of the region adversely (Lazari, 2014). The destructive effect of the disaster decreases the mobility of passengers encompassing the commuters, tourists, businesses as well as migration including the freight decrease which affects regions of the world negatively. The additional fact that the infrastructures are independent as that of transportation and energy implies that the disruption of the transport infrastructure further impacts the energy sector negatively.

  1. In the case of the energy sector, the occurrence of the natural disasters leads to a closure of businesses. Additionally, the damage to the oil rigs, refineries as well as plants results in major energy shortfalls regarding the supply to the consumers, leading to a situation where the cost of energy skyrockets, makes it inaccessible to the common citizenry. The growing climatic changes in the contemporary society are making the society more prone to the cases of disruptions to the energy sector. The consequences of the disruption to the energy sector by the natural disasters encompass the damage to the oil rigs, refineries as well as power plants. The implication of the situation is that there is a huge cut in the supply of energy along with the immense repairs to the damaged rigs, making the cost of accessing the energy to skyrocket (Moteff, 2010). The high prices of energy make it impossible to access by the common citizen who ends up suffering due to the inaccessibility and the additional reliance on the traditional sources of energy as coal which are more destructive.
  2. Communication as the additional infrastructure will encompass the spoiling of the communication lines by the disasters as the downing of the communication towers and telephone lines. The additional losses of power further complicate the situation. Considering that most of the communications have gone digital and that there are numerous options that are accessible, the type of disaster is not very likely (Lazari, 2014). If the disaster occurs and the communication infrastructure is affected, people will be unable to communicate with one another, an attribute that is going to contribute to significant tension and unrest as people cannot access their loved ones or know what is happening.
  3. Water as the additional infrastructure can be affected by terrorism, though the mass poisoning of water sources. Considering that most of the water treatment facilities, as well as water sources, are protected round the clock, the likelihood of the disaster occurring is low. Additionally, the immense amount of poison that would be needed to poison a mass water supply effectively makes the disaster less likely due to the costs and labor bases. The consequences of such a disaster would include mass panic which would consequently put all the other sectors of the economy on a stand still due to the fear mood that would grip the country (Moteff, 2010). The additionally overpowering of the medical care facilities would additionally make the country come to a standstill and incur immense costs in getting additional medical personnel and alternative water supply.
  4. Emergency services as the additional infrastructure can be affected by natural disasters through making it impossible for the emergency personnel to reach the individuals who need the emergency services by making it impossible to access them as the destruction of roads. Additionally, the natural disaster with huge casualties can additionally affect the emergency infrastructure by overpowering the personnel. With the change in the climate, it is quite likely that the disaster could occur (Moteff, 2010). The consequences involve an increase in fatalities for the victims who would have survived if they accessed timely assistance.

The steps I would implement in making my CIRK more risk averse include:

  1. The identification of the diverse hazards that could occur in the community through the assessment of the newspapers and other historical records to assess the attributes that have previously impacted the community.
  2. Profiling the hazards from the list I have created via narrowing down the list to the hazards that are most prevalent in the community along with the development of hazard event profiles documenting the unique attributes of every hazard type.
  3. Inventory of the assets as the additional step will encompass the development of the community exposure profile whereby I will be determining the assets in the community that have the greatest likelihood of being affected by the hazard and developing the list of the hazards.
  4. Estimation of the losses as the additional step will revolve around the combination of the information from the previous steps towards the determination of the estimate of the probable losses from the hazards identified.

Risk matrix

Impact Severe  







Emergency services

Natural disasters




Natura-/ terrorism










Natural disasters




Natural-terrorism disasters















  Almost Never Possible but Unlikely Possible Highly Probable  



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