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First assignment: Kay Gibson Eyejot

  1. About the video

Kay Gibson is a printmaker and painter based in Margret River. Her practice portrays her life at Margret River. She is passionate about her natural environment and appreciates her parents who loved traveling, bushwalking, and bird walking in all regions of Western Australia. In her recent works, she displays the indigenous birds found in her local environment. Kay’s painting portrays unique characteristics of birds and how they relate to their environment. In this video, Kay says that her artwork aims to celebrate our native birds and portray the role of fire in sustaining the southwest forests diversity. She began appreciating nature as a child. Her mother was a keen observer while her uncle was a Vertebrates Curator at WA Museum. Kay has the specific interest in birds, the role of fire that determines their survival and their habitat. Kay displays some relevant aspects of the way I consider creativity.

She creatively experiments with a wide range of materials to show the relationship between the birds, their habitat, and fire. For example, she embosses Hahnemuhle paper together with the native flora and uses the forage method to show burning and smoke from a candle in the creation of her unique images. The embossing symbolizes the regeneration and disappearance of and regeneration of an endemic flora after the fire wears out. The smoking and burning of paper is, therefore, a creative element in her work.


  1. The lesson from the video

From this video I learn that the natural environment can play a crucial role in inspiring artists and most importantly the natural world should be celebrated and preserved for its importance in being the habitat for birds and other animals.

  1. My understanding about creativity

Through this video, I have the better understanding of the creative process and creativity. It is a process. I also I have learned is that creativity can produce many ideas that are authentic. One has to be a keen observer of things that surround us to come up with these creative ideas.

  1. The content of this video in daily life

This video educates me as an artist on the importance of being a keen observer and recording the things I see in everyday life. The video also lets me know that being creative is going beyond the boundaries and embracing new heights that no one has dared to go.

One Right Brain Raising: A Whole New Mind by Pink chapters 1-5

Chapter 1: Brain hemispheres changed over time

There has been a shift of society and economic aspects that were on the linear, logical and computer-like brain capabilities of the information age towards a society and economy build on big-picture, empathetic and inventive capabilities of the Conceptual Age

Chapter 2: the three influences

The main three aspects that have influenced the American society are the technology growth hotspot contributing to automation. Others are Asia and abundance. The computer technology enables the duplication of processes in a cheaper and quicker process. Abundance is the factor that has the most influence changing our life and society, and it also means that thinking is less significant. Instead, we focus on the less rationale; of r-based sensibilities of emotion, spirituality, and beauty. There is also the exporting of labor to Asia because of the belief that the Asians can do it with the much cheaper wage.

Chapter 3: Information Age into the Conceptual Age

Unlike in the past whereby our parents encouraged us to become computer programmers, accountants and lawyers during the information age, it is not the case with the conceptual age. I understand that the future is giving new opportunities to the right brain qualities such as empathy, inventiveness and meaning predominate. Therefore, I will encourage my children and those of my extended family to take up courses that will make them be graphic designers, psychologists/ counselors, interior designers, managers, arts, and recreations

Chapter 4: Design as among the six senses

It is because Pink considers designer artist are depended on for they determine the well-being of individuals and wealth of nations. The present World is filled with abundance but disrupted by outsourcing and automation in white-collar work, every individual no matter their profession have to cultivate a sensibility of being artistic; meaning that we all have to be designers ( Pink, 69).

Chapter 5: Story gaining in the Conceptual Age

In this Conceptual Age, each person has his or her story. These personal narratives are urgent and prevalent at this time of abundance when are much more free to understand our purpose and ourselves. We, for example, have to understand how we fit it and why our fitting in matters (Pink, 115)


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