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Please answer the questions below and use Strategic HRM: Gaining a Competitive Advantage — Chap 12 as one of the references
visit The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website. Under “Employees & Applicants” identify where and how to file a claim. Also, peruse the categories of discrimination which the law protects.Also on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website, look under “Employers” to find a comprehensive list of “Prohibited Practices.”

Choose one type of prohibited workplace practice from the list on the EEOC site. These include Job Advertisements, Recruitment, Application & Hiring, Background Checks, Job Referrals, Promotions, Pay & Benefits, Discipline & Discharge, References, Accommodations, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and more.

1. For this assignment, identify an example of inequality you have experienced, or have heard of in a workplace (in an organization). If you have experienced one of these types of harassment or inequality or if you know of someone who has, you may share that experience for this assignment. If you have not, then please choose a mainstream media story about an organization’s bias due to inequality, poor treatment, or harassment to base your assignment on as an illustration.

2. (A) In what ways do the sources of harassment affect the individual employee? (B) What is the impact on the fellow workers and the entire organization?

3. What could upper management have done to prevent an issue from arising?

4. What can managers and supervisors do moving forward to make the workplace safer and equitable. 
Support your answer with an eBook material.

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