Continental Airlines

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Q1: Describe the benefits of the Continental Go Forward strategy. Be specific and include improvement figures.

The Go Forward strategy is outlined to contain several concurrent and interrelated actions. Based on the actions, the strategy provides an easy way of restoring the Continental to the defined profitable level by the fact that it provides a way of ranking the organization with other airline industries. Subsequently, it can be deduced that the strategy enabled the company to increase its savings and reduce the fraud cases thus maintain the financial status grid.


Q2: Identify the major differences between a traditional data warehouse and a real-time data warehouse. What strategic advantage can Continental derive from the real-time system as opposed a traditional information system (such as the EDW) that was implemented initially?


The identical difference between the warehouses is that the traditional data warehouse moves data on a scheduled basis say, daily, weekly, monthly with reference from the operational database to the data warehouse DW. The process shows the systemic and consistency of the data in a current single updating of the warehouse. The operations do not grant the view of the current information thus making the data unavailable for decision making. The real-time data warehouse, on the other hand, moves the data on hourly rate making sure that the data is readily available for decision making (Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery, 2006).

Based on the operation of the real-time data warehouse, the continental stands out to make sound decisions that are based on the available data that is up to date. At the same time, the long-term decisions are not affected in any way with the hourly updating of the data warehouse. Therefore, the Continental Airlines will have the strategic advantage by making and providing better decisions.


Q3: Using the example of airline telephone customer service agents and yield management staff, explain why it is important for an airline to use a real-time data warehouse? Why can they not make decisions with day-old data?

The real-time data warehouse provides sound decisions that provide the way of managing the airlines, unlike the old data that is not reliable. A real-time data warehouse is associated with fresh data relating to the by that time operations. Airlines do not use old data.


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