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The idea identified within the case study is networking. Data sharing can only get achieved through the establishment of a network. There are different ways of establishing a network. At the same time internet is derived from the aspect of networking which is further and mostly regarded as the global network. Therefore, to ensure that the two computers get to share data, internet and printer then the focus should be on establishing a network. A network is defined as a way of establishing a connection between two or more computing/ communication devices for sharing resources.

A network can be established in different ways. We can talk about the ad hoc network that is mainly defined with the short distance transfer of files and sharing of selected resources. Subsequently, we can have the wireless network and the wired networks. The case study cuts across about providing the discussion about the networking styles. The ad hoc network is advantaged by the fact of being a wireless networking technique that does not require any connection device. However, it requires a good and modern network card.

There is the possibility of using the wireless network which can get established between the two computers. The most benefit of the wireless network is that there will be no need of restructuring the house with wiring the house. Supportively, the network will enable the use of the computer from any location within the room and the house as long as the machine is within the accessible network area. The establishment of other connections to share the internet, printer, and the files will be easy as it requires less configuration of simply setting the network connection IP address and things are ok (Geeks, 2005). The wireless network is highly prone to interferences, and this makes it not such reliable regarding speed. It is hard to maintain a faster internet speed. Also, the security wise is a challenge when it comes to wireless networks. The configuration of the security module demands a lot beside the less material required to establish the network. The establishment of the wireless network is quite difficult as it requires experienced and qualified personnel. File sharing within wireless networks is always slower especially when the devices are located differently. By the fact that the computers are located in different rooms and stalls, the wall separating the floor may act as an obstacle to the wireless connections. Even at times only ceiling inhibits the wireless network connections.

Wired network is another and most appropriate way for the establishment of means of sharing resources between the two computers. The wired network defines the use of wires. The current existing cables won’t be appropriate for the activity instead some other twisted pair cables can be appropriate to the task the cables are less prone to interference and other inhibiting factors. Also, the cables are less expensive. The wired network is good at file sharing as it gets the transfer speed that faster despite the inconvenience that the process may require more cabling. Internet speed is faster, and it is less difficult to establish in wired networks. The equipment involved is less expensive.



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