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The crash is a film directed by Paul Haggis that tells the interlocking stories of blacks, Koreans, Iranians, Whites, Latinos, criminals and cops, the powerful and powerless, and the rich and the poor. In the film, the characters tend to state demeaning words regarding other people of different race. Each of the characters tends to be on edge when another person of race is around them; thus, causing them to blame the different ethnical backgrounds for the situations in their lives. The film tends to focus on the concept of racism and also concentrate on social issues such as sexual orientation, gender, social class, and many others. In this paper, it provides a communication analysis of the movie while considering the concepts used in the movie.


The crash is an essential film regarding the times in which we live. The movie indicates how nobody is without prejudice. There are several concepts evident in this movie. One concept is stereotyping, which refers to a way of organizing our perceptions so as to classify people. It is making generalizations about members of a group that fits the categories we use (Wood, 2013). In most cases, we tend to have predetermined views regarding other people. We usually have views that may not be accurate, but it is the first impression that we form when we see other people, which is considered as stereotyping. The characters in the movie are stereotyping against all races irrespective of the condition that one is in In Crash, stereotyping is evident in the opening scene. In the movie, Ria and Kim Lee tend to engage in a heated argument regarding the car accident in which they were involved. Ria who is of Puerto Rican decent and Kim Lee is Korean are guilty of stereotyping. Through the use of stereotypes, Haggis tends to expose the common ethnic clinches with the aim of opening our eyes to the preconceived ideas that we usually have regarding those people who are different from us. There is also another example of stereotype whereby the DA’s wide believe that the Latino locksmith hired to put new locks on the house doors is the kind of person that will give a copy of keys to his gang member friends so as to burglarize their home. In this case, Haggis tends to show the audience the personal life of the Latino Locksmith, indicating that he is a good man.

Another concept evident in the movie is selective perception. Selective perception refers to the process where a person will only perceive what they desire to and ignore or set aside other perceptions. With selective perception, it tends to prevent a person from seeing the truth of other people because of the labels that we place on them (Wood, 2013). Therefore, it allows people only to see what they choose to see. In the movie, Crash, there are several characters who demonstrate selective perception while they are identifying the rate of those outside their own. When a person identifies another outside their race by looks, they are likely to make a wrong assumption of the heritage of that person. An excellent illustration is when the Iranian store keep finds hateful words regarding Arabs written on the walls of the store after a robbery. As a result, the family felt insulted by the words because Iranians are not Arabs, but Persian. The mother even asked, “since when are Persians Arab.” The people who robbed them did make a wrong assumption about the Iranians because of selective perception. The use of selective perception as shown in the movie is very true and after watching the movie, it is likely to recognize that we have passed the same form of judgment on other people.

The effective communication strategy used in the movie is dialogue. Haggis tends to use dialogue in the movie so as to guide the audience and also allow the audience to make their decision. Dialogue is a strategy that Haggis uses when Ria and Kim Lee are arguing which demonstrates stereotype. Dialogue tends to be an effective communication strategy as it tends to enforce the concept of stereotyping, and it also encourages the audience to think different regarding the effects of stereotyping. In regards to selective perception, dialogue works to indicate how ignorant we can be about our assumptions of people.


Crush is an excellent movie that leaves the audience with an understanding that the assumptions we have about people prevent us from seeing the actual person. The movie tends to symbolize what normally happens in the world today in regards to stereotypes and racism. Through the use of effective communication, the audience gets to see how different races tend to crash and react with other races.


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