charpy test of high toughness line pipe steel

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Main topic: Charpy test of high toughness line pipe steel 
Using the topic as a guide you read associated literature and determine a research question on your own require flowing 
1- literature planner(25 ) and mind map 
2- Introduction A short overview of your research topic. It is importance and explaining current knowledge and gap .sets an agenda for your research and research question.(1000ward) 
Write an abstract for your research (this abstract will take the form of one suitable for a
journal article). It should take the following form:
a. TOPIC: Outline topic area
b. SIGNIFIGANCE: Why is your research important
c. METHODOLOGY: How are you conducting your research
d. FINDINGS: What came from your research? (Create your own finding – make it up)
e. CONCLUSION: As a result we recommend…..
The abstract should be no longer than 200 words. While the abstract is the first activity
it should be the very last thing that you write. If you try and write this first you might
struggle. You won’t have any findings (as you are not undertaking any real research), so
pretend that you did the experiment and mention your findings. Your abstract should
not have any paragraphs or citations.
You need to IMPROVE and resubmit your Introduction Chapter from Assessment One.
You should use the feedback from the marked version and make all the necessary 
improvements. Take note that it is ok if Turnitin finds substantial similarity with your
submission in assessment one, this is expected. You should also consider the discussions
held with the sample student submissions in the week 9 lecture. If you need to slightly
change the wording of your research question, you may do so. However, you should not
be changing your topic, this should be a continuations of your existing work. The
markers will have greater expectations compared to assessment one 
5-Literature Review
Complete a Literature Review Chapter. This is only a short literature review (~1800
words) identifying key findings in the area, leading into the gaps in our current
understanding that your research studies seek to address. In this section you should be
showing your ability to critique literature! This should then lead into a research
proposal/design. Look at the examples provided in lecture 3, and consider the
discussions held with the sample student submissions in the week lecture
6-Research Design
You need to design an experiment that will answer your research question. This is
accomplished by answering the following questions. In your document use the following
subheadings to clearly identify each question. You will be penalized for not doing so
a) Research Question (max 100 words)
Restate the research question outlined in your introduction and why it is important
b) Related Work (max 400 words)
Select two research designs from the literature that you have read related to your
research question. For each paper in about 200 words explain the research design, the
strengths and limitations of the design and how this design will be useful to support your
research design.
c) Design (max 350 words)
What research design will you use to answer your research question? That is,
experimental, quasi experimental, correlational, ethnography etc.
Explain your design. For example, outline your control and experimental groupings, the
number of samples you need, and how you will determine the accuracy of your results.
Why did you select this design? What are the strengths and limitations of this design in
relation to your research Your design should show how it will answer your research question
7-Design Questions
This section is NOT related to your research topic. This is simply testing your
understanding of key concepts. Use ‘Design Questions’ as the subheading. DO NOT
include this section in the peer review activity in the week tutorial. Answer the
following questions:
a) What are experimental and correlational designs? What are the strengths and
weaknesses of the designs? 2MARKS (max 200 words)
b) What are some of the key ethical issues associated with research involving human
participants? What processes and considerations are needed? 2MARKS (max 200 words)
c) Consider the following table outlining an analysis of results from an experiment. What
can you say about the results between the various groups? 2MARKS (max 100 words)
Group Effect on Performance p-value
8-Literature Planner
At the end of the document you MUST submit your updated literature planner. Every
reference you use must be outlined in the literature planner

Need Harvard reference style (25)
Use google scholar (article from 2012)
You must avoid the Plagiarism or similarities 
example attachment. Must be adhered to same example. 
Very important : 

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