Character Analysis

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1. About me

I am a perky, sexy party girl by the name Erika. I am a semi-permanent secretary. I am single and found out that I am four weeks pregnant with Solomon’s baby. We were attracted to each other from the time we were ordering the floor mats for the executive suit. We have since then become lovers and developed a relation. He has a wife, so I am his secretary. I love to give Solomon what his wife does not. His wife is insane, and she uses a cocktail of antipsychotics. She drives Solomon insane, yet he is a man who is always under pressure and in much pain.

So I love messaging his back a place he stores lots of his painful memories. He shares these pains with me and a lot of much more things. Unlike the person who he seems in the outside world such as bossing people around in a well-cut suit, he is a different person sexually. He is quite shy, and I find this to be too cute about him. The way especially moved me he let his tears down his eyes. I love the way he touches me in a soft and gentle way. He is much of a little boy inside. He is a quite engine despite his car being powerful and huge just like a luxury sedan.

  1. What are the given circumstances?

I am pregnant with Solomon’s child. I am not sure whether he will leave me for his wife. He has now left me. Jessica is jealous of me. She is criticizing me for wearing see-through blouses that reveal my breast. I am a semi-permanent sectary, and I don’t know how I will make it to work while pregnant will slow my work especially with the bloating. However, I am twice a fast typist than Jessica. Being pregnant I find myself hormonal and unusually dynamic.  I feel both excited and worried since this is my first pregnancy.

However, I didn’t want these feeling to keep me down because I have to prove to my colleagues that I am responsible for my actions and will perform as efficiently as usual. After telexing Solomon that I was expecting his child, he never took it happily. He is not sure of what the future holds for us especially when his family discovers that he is having an affair with Solomon. He has not coped well with this announcement of pregnancy, but I am giving him his time and space to come around.

  1. The Time (year, season, day, time of day and temperature)

It’s Thursday, June 16th, 1990 at 11:00 am. It the summertime and the temperature is about 80- 86 degrees with slight humidity outside. Inside the comfort of our offices and homes are regulated with the well-installed air conditioning systems.

  1. Where I and what surround me?

I am in my workstation where I work with Jessica and Diana among other colleagues. Jessica is in her forties, and I am in my twenties we are gathering at the break room taking a heart talk. I have an affair with Solomon, who is among the most reserved and oldest bosses. Jessica assumes that Xavier their partner could be the one to be blamed for sexual harassment, but I am sure he is facing wrong accusations. Solomon has abruptly dumped me after discovering I am pregnant. Diana is our new boss. She is the youngest one of us all. She has instituted an efficiency contest to show the person who can demonstrate alacrity of the highest level in this job. My job mainly involves answering phone calls, keeping the machines in smooth running, typing corresponds, and I am basically among the first real line of constant with our customers in this corporation.

  1. What has just happened?

Just like the other women in this Corporation in a deal with the basic operations while also attempting to maintain my present job ad climb the cooperate ladder. However, this is now proving more difficult since I have found out I am pregnant. I have issues with Solomon, who works at this organization. He has now denied my unborn baby and me. I also have issues with my female colleagues who keep grossing me especially on the way I dress and I think is due to their being jealousies. They are of a different generation, and I will never understand them, and they will never understand me.


  1. What influencing me so strongly at this moment that it forces me to take action?

As a young girl I have been concerned with what happens in my life here and now but after recently finding out that I am pregnant, and Solomon has dumped me I have to set up long run plans. I consider myself to be the perky, sexy party girl, but now I have to find a way to be among those sitting on the bosses coach. This current position at the secretarial pool is simply the start of my way up. Even if it means serving Diana with her dinner today, I shortly am in her top position.

  1. What are my relationships to the people opposite me?

My relationship with men in this workplace is not bad except for Solomon, who has recently dumped I after finding out I am pregnant. I also have a poor relationship with other women in this company. I dislike the way they gossip behind my back. I foal they are jealous of me, they have a different personality and are of a different older generation than mine, and this creates a lot of conflict in the workplace

  1. What is my obstacle?

My main obstacle is that Solomon has dumped me. I face the dilemma of how to get support during my maternity leave. I am also not sure if this position will be available after returning from the maternity leave. Another obstacle I am facing is the aim to climb the ladder of my career. I have to think quickly to find the best support I get from my colleague workers. I know there is the male chauvinism as an obstacle to my career success in this organization, but I have to be a fighter. I will go back to school and specialize in financial courses so that I can take up the top leadership position in this organization. As a single mother, I face the obstacle of how I will raise my child alone, but I am hoping to have my sister around to help me through the difficult time of raising my newborn baby.

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