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My visit to China still stands out as one of the most exciting moments. One of the main reason as to why the visit was very exciting is mainly due to the common myths that have been peddled around about the situation in China. Some of these myths relate to the assertion that breathing in their city, Beijing is one of the hardest targets, and that I was already prepared to buy the liquefied air as has been said on many occasions for my breathing, which was not the case. I additionally thought that I would stand out as the tallest person but to my surprise, there were other taller people of Chinese origin.

The place was majestic, to say the least, being met by smiles and friendly people who were always willing to offer assistance with direction and any other help I needed. One of the things I additionally if the fact that China is not as densely populated as has constantly been peddled by the media. However, traffic is one of the attributes that was evident as the spirals of motor vehicles could be seen stretching over miles.  I had a lost to see and learn about China, with their spicy foods as well as the great cities as Suzhou, which has a great correlation with Venice and Hangzhou to see the see the West Lake, which was majestic.

The most evident attribute was that China is a huge country and has 56 ethnic minority groups. The biggest group is the Han Chinese that has approximately 900 million people. Regarding their religion, I realized that the communist party that rules China is an officially declared atheist but has lately become tolerant to the other religions in the country. I learned that there were officially five religions in the country, encompassing Buddha, Islam, Taoism, and Catholicism along with Protestantism. It was made clear to me that any other religion other than these five is considered illegal although their constitution allows for freedom of religion. One of the most outstanding attributes, in this case, is although numerous catholic and protestant ministries have been active since the 19th century; they have made little progress in their attempts to convert the Chinese to their religions.

The additional issue I took it assessment in my visit was in the case of language, and it was evident that are seven chief dialects in the Chinese language and that each has their language. The Mandarin dialect is spoken by 71% of the population, followed by the Wu, which common in 9% of the population, Yue 4%, Xiang 5%, Min 4%, Hakha 4% and Gan 3%.

My assessment of the culture and celebrations among the Chinese led to the realization that the largest festival which is also referred to as the spring festival acts as the official mark for the start of their lunar new year. The year falls between mid-January and the mid of February, which is a time that they normally honor their ancestors. During the 15 days that the celebration takes, the Chinese undertake something on a daily basis as they welcome the New Year such as the eating of mustard greens and rice congee to cleanse their bodies. The holidays are marked with fireworks and parades that feature dancers who are dressed as dragons.

The Chinese cuisine is greatly impacted by their geography along with ethnic diversity, with their chief cooking styles being the Cantonese featuring the stir-fried dishes as well as Szechuan that rely heavily on sesame pasta, peanuts along with ginger and greatly renowned for their spiciness.

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