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For a nurse practitioner, it is mandatory to have the appropriate certification to be allowed in service. As such, all the practitioner nurses in different specialty require having a plan of passing the Certification Exam. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses play a crucial role in the future of health care, hence necessary to pass the required certification exams before entering the practice environment (Buppert, 2015). The essay has a description of the National Certification Exam and a plan for passing it, as well as a description of the practice environment. The certification exams are different regarding the specialty and the State.

The certification agency to use is the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. The nurse practitioner requires completing the Board approved practitioner program and passing the Board approved examination before certification. For a nurse practitioner, the certification has a focus on multiple populations that include the family, adult acute care, neonatal, women’s health, and adult-geriatric.

Due to the variation between the APRNs and other related state statutes, rules, and regulations, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the definition of the scope of practice of the laws and regulations (American Nurses Association, n.d.). I selected the Certification exam due to its alignment with my specialty of a nurse practice and the need to offer services as required by the licensure body. The National Certification Exam for nurse practitioners has approval by the Board of Nursing at Maryland State. The National Certification Exam administered by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners provides a valid and reliable program for the nurse practitioners to recognize their education, and professional expertise (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.).

The plan for passing the National Certification Exam entails a set of activities aimed at enhancing my practice skills and competence in nursing. The plan starts by getting the Graduate Degree in Maryland, earning the National Certification in Maryland, and applying for the certificate in Maryland. I need to prepare in advance for the exam to have the background information of the most commonly tested areas. The preparation entails setting aside some time for study and consultations as well as engaging in practicum experiences to assist in acquiring the appropriate skills for practice. It is also important to conduct research on the specialty to learn the scope of practice as well as the expected mode of conduct. Also required is having a clear understanding of the ethical practices and the safety requirements when dealing with patients from the diverse social, cultural background.

It is necessary to complete and pass a Board approved a graduate level program that comprises of a master’s degree or posts master’s certificate before applying for the certification in Maryland. Thus, the plan for passing the National Certification Exam is a comprehensive process that includes different activities either in preparation or fulfilling the requirements before sitting for the exam. The plan includes plotting a schedule about five months before the exam for self-study. The schedule has a specific timeframe for the week to study and also be familiar with the key updates in health care. Next is to obtain the practice certification questions sold by the agency that enhances the understanding capability. It is also important to research about the strategies to passing the exam and anticipating for the requirements of the exam.

The Nurse Practitioner Practice Environment for Maryland State is no different from most of the other states about nursing shortage. The changes in the health care industry and also the primary care needs create a demand for nurse practitioners to manage the changes. The practice environment for a Nurse Practice is non-restrictive and makes it easy to practice. The practitioner nurse does not need to have a collaborative agreement with a physician for them to diagnose and treat the patients. They can also prescribe medication.

The scope of practice for nurse practitioners varies from state-to-state, but some practices are common. For Maryland, the nurse practitioners can independently diagnose and treat the patients without the involvement of the physician. The state statute recognizes them as primary care providers and has authority to prescribe medicine without the involvement of the Board of Medicine.  The nurse practitioners at Maryland can also make referrals for physical therapy and determine whether a referral is required. The nurses have are allowed to sign the death certificates and also sign the handicap placard forms. The nurse practitioners also have a role in signing the worker’s compensation claim forms to approve their grievances (Barton Associates, n.d.). The practice environment for the practitioner nurses in Maryland has limited restrictions in their scope of practice that places them higher than others.

In conclusion, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Practice is defined by the Nurse Practice Act under the management of the Board of Nursing. However, some other state laws and regulations may affect the practice. As a nurse practitioner, I require passing the National Certification Exam in Maryland after acquiring a Graduate Degree. The national certification agencies maintain their educational and experiential minimums for one to be eligible to sit for the certification exam. The practice environment in Maryland is non-restrictive, and thus, nurses enjoy several privileges in their mandated roles.


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